Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Trip to Arizona

My grandfather passed away August 21st.  I wanted to go home for the funeral so I took my little ones and we flew down there.  I'll post more on the funeral in another post.  Here were our adventures for the 10 days we were there.  This was my first time flying with the kids by myself.  Boonie was SO EXCITED to fly on the airplane.  The trip over was kinda rough and exhausting.  Luckily it was only an hour and ten minutes... but still.  Try wrestling a wild pig for an hour and ten minutes... you'll be exhausted.

This post has all the pictures from the whole week.  Here we go!!

We did A LOT of swimming.  Boonie actually learned how to swim without his floaties!!  I'm so proud of him!!

Marae 1, Kellen 9 months

Mason sent us a picture from his new office in the Rockies:

This picture was always hanging on Eric's bedroom door so it's part of all of our childhoods... Little did I know it was telling me of my future son...

While swimming Boonie would swallow a lot of water accidently.  This was after the first day he learned.  His belly was SO full it was hilarious!!

The flight back home was much better.  Plus we had a whole row to ourselves... I think that helped.

Marae and Kyle had a party thrown by my mom being their birthdays are two days apart.  Marae was amazed by the sparkler.

Grandma spoils her grandbabies!!!!

I think Uncle Ryan was having baby withdrawls without little Jack.

Marae tried on my old baby bonnet.

It was good to be home with everyone for the funeral.  We had fun and certainly wore out our welcome... even though Grandma says otherwise.  :)

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