Friday, September 20, 2013

Broken Boonie

About a month ago Boonie took a flying leap off of the back of the couch thinking that Mason (who wasn't paying attention) would catch him.  Oops.  We weren't immediately sure if anything was wrong but after about 20 minutes of scream/crying which is not like Boonie at all, we knew something was wrong.  Luckily we got in with our doctor who we had never seen before in about 15 minutes.  They sent us over to radiology and sure enough he had a buckle fracture on his arm.  They decided to cast it being he's such a busy little bot.  This happened on a Saturday and he got his cast on the following Monday.

He chose the color of his cast.  We got him a waterproof one being we were going down to AZ to swim.  Thank goodness for the invention!!

He actually just got it off this morning.  Now he wears around a split.  He sure has gotten a lot of attention with his bright green cast.  Cute little broken boy.

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