Saturday, September 21, 2013

Team Fire!!

We signed Boonie up for soccer to try and channel some of that never ending energy he has.  It's pretty entertaining watching all those little ones running around after the ball.  He gets so excited to go each week.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Trip to Arizona

My grandfather passed away August 21st.  I wanted to go home for the funeral so I took my little ones and we flew down there.  I'll post more on the funeral in another post.  Here were our adventures for the 10 days we were there.  This was my first time flying with the kids by myself.  Boonie was SO EXCITED to fly on the airplane.  The trip over was kinda rough and exhausting.  Luckily it was only an hour and ten minutes... but still.  Try wrestling a wild pig for an hour and ten minutes... you'll be exhausted.

This post has all the pictures from the whole week.  Here we go!!

We did A LOT of swimming.  Boonie actually learned how to swim without his floaties!!  I'm so proud of him!!

Marae 1, Kellen 9 months

Mason sent us a picture from his new office in the Rockies:

This picture was always hanging on Eric's bedroom door so it's part of all of our childhoods... Little did I know it was telling me of my future son...

While swimming Boonie would swallow a lot of water accidently.  This was after the first day he learned.  His belly was SO full it was hilarious!!

The flight back home was much better.  Plus we had a whole row to ourselves... I think that helped.

Marae and Kyle had a party thrown by my mom being their birthdays are two days apart.  Marae was amazed by the sparkler.

Grandma spoils her grandbabies!!!!

I think Uncle Ryan was having baby withdrawls without little Jack.

Marae tried on my old baby bonnet.

It was good to be home with everyone for the funeral.  We had fun and certainly wore out our welcome... even though Grandma says otherwise.  :)

Marae's Birthday Party

Being we were going to be in Arizona on Marae's actual birthday and Mason wasn't going to be with us we celebrated a little early.

She wasn't too impressed with her cake.  She just wanted to smear it around.

We love you little girl.  She got a push and pop vacuum for her birthday.

Broken Boonie

About a month ago Boonie took a flying leap off of the back of the couch thinking that Mason (who wasn't paying attention) would catch him.  Oops.  We weren't immediately sure if anything was wrong but after about 20 minutes of scream/crying which is not like Boonie at all, we knew something was wrong.  Luckily we got in with our doctor who we had never seen before in about 15 minutes.  They sent us over to radiology and sure enough he had a buckle fracture on his arm.  They decided to cast it being he's such a busy little bot.  This happened on a Saturday and he got his cast on the following Monday.

He chose the color of his cast.  We got him a waterproof one being we were going down to AZ to swim.  Thank goodness for the invention!!

He actually just got it off this morning.  Now he wears around a split.  He sure has gotten a lot of attention with his bright green cast.  Cute little broken boy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marae 1 Year Old

Wait... what!?  My darling little dolly has turned 1 year old!?  Sometimes it feels like she's still that newborn baby that I just brought home and other times it feels like she's been with us forever.  What a year it's been!!

Marae 1 Year Stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz - 25th Percentile
Length: 29 3/4 inches - 75th Percentile
Head Circumference: 17 1/2 inches - 40th Percentile

I just love that picture of her above.  It fits her to a T.  Her blankie is her cryptonite/can of spinach.  It will make her go weak in the knees and instantly cause her to insert her little fingers into her mouth and snuggle, yet it will also giver her the strength to endure any tough situation.  She adores that thing and has to have it any time she sees it.  Sounds familiar.  :)

Things Marae does at 1:
  • Since turning 1 she has turned into Miss Sassy Pants.  She thinks knows that she rules the roost.  She has figured out that all she has to do is scream or cry and we'll come running.  That is changing though which has been frustrating her so she cries quite often.  I know it's a fake cry when it starts off as a cry and she either forgets she's crying or gets bored with her cry and ends it with a Pee-Wee Herman type sound.
  • She is hilarious.  When she laughs hard she sounds like Pee-Wee Herman and it cracks us up.  Her smile is beyond adorable.
  • She still adores her brother.  She wants to be playing with whatever he is playing with and follows him around much to his delight.  Their favorite game is to push all the cushions off the couch and jump on it (that way she can climb up) and look out the window.  They also love to go behind the couch under a table and look out the huge bay window at the cars.  It's their fort.  They spend a lot of time back there.
  • Her favorite toy is still her Winnie the Pooh animal.
  • Noodles are her favorite food.
  • She likes to pull the bow out of her hair whenever she remembers it's there.
  • She is naughty and she knows it.  She'll do exactly what she's not suppose to do just to get the reaction out of you.  She'll chew on shoes (and then hand them to you when you catch her), pull bottles out of cupboards (and then hand them to you when you catch her), open the fireplace, pull books off the shelf (and then hand them to you when you catch her), and this all seems to delight her.  Her little mischievous personality makes us laugh.
  • She is a climber.  We were at my parents for a week and while we were there we caught her on top of the kiddie table twice, on top of a box banging on the china cabinet once, and up the stair numerous times.  I love my little wild child.
  • She's a snuggler - thank goodness.  Just give her that blankie and you are guarenteed a good snuggle.
  • Says Mama and Uh-Oh.  She says Uh-Oh with her mouth closed and just the sound.  She also tattles on herself before she does something naughty.  If she sees a shoe she'll say, "Uh-oh" and then proceed to put it in her mouth.  So if we see her crawling away saying "uh-oh" we know she's got something naughty in mind.
  • She falls asleep in the strangest positions.  Most of the time she falls asleep looking like she is praying.  It's so cute.  She is still the lightest sleeper ever!!
  • She's kind of a picky eater.  She won't eat baby food anymore so getting her to eat balanced meals is a trick.  Hopefully she'll outgrow that soon.

Here is the kids fort behind the couch.  They get pretty wild back there sometimes.  Marae also prefers to go back here to have a bowel movement... I'm sure you wanted to know that.

I had wanted an over the top adorable outfit for Marae's birthday... but this had to do.  She got her little bracelet for her birthday.  I adore this little angel.