Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 4th of July

My parents came up for the 4th which we were all so excited about.  I was having parental withdrawls and I know Boonie missed them too.

Backing up though, we started the day off by going to a BBQ at Mason's grandmother's old folks home.  Mason's parents left for France the day before for two weeks so we have the house to ourselves.  I didn't take my camera, but we had a nice time listening to music, eating yummy food, and watching Boonie play on the bounce houses.  GG (Maragret) is suffering from alzheimer's and is slowly getting worse and worse.  I was happy to spend the time with her and let her know she was loved.

After naps we went up to Ryan and Stacey's house where my parents were staying for a BBQ.  Stacey is due in 3 weeks and her poor feet were the size of balloons.  Mason is an expert massuer so I insisted that he give her a foot massage being Ryan can't stand feet.  My mom thought it was funny and snapped a couple pictures of everyone hanging out.  In the picture below Boone is rubbing lotion on Ryan's leg too.

I like how Ryan always has his arm draped over her belly.

Boonie hung out in Stacey's foot soaking pool while they cooked the hamburgers.  Marae decided she hates Ryan's house and refused to take a nap for about 2 hours straight.  Those dang teeth were killing her that night!!  Poor little girl!!

After dinner we drove up to a hill in Holladay that overlooks the city.  We laid out blankets right on the hill and watched all the fireworks all over the city.

I love how Mason and Boonie have the same face in this one.

Marae took a little nap in the car and then joined us for the fireworks for her 1st 4th of July.

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