Monday, July 1, 2013

Paddle Boarding

Saturday Laura took us all Paddle Boarding up in Herriman.  It was surprisingly easy and lots of fun.

Bryan, Lilah, Tandi, and Scottie

I caught the action shot!  Adrian, Zach, Sydney (pushing off Zach), Wolfie in the water, and Gabey on the yellow board.


Boonie was the mermaid on the front of a lot of people's boats.

Mason lost his glasses somewhere in the middle of the lake.  Boo.  He didn't have any other pair and his contacts were in a box up in Logan so he drove up there yesterday, went to our ward and got some contacts.  Looks like we'll go glasses shopping tomorrow!!  Although we are thinking Lasik, anyone had this done??  Other than that it was a great day with the family!!

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