Sunday, July 14, 2013

Marae 10.5 Months

Sweet Baby Rae is now growing like a weed!!!  She isn't my little baby anymore and has changed so much this month.  She is a goof with a giganticly contagious smile that I adore.  

She loves baked beans!!

 What she's doing now:

  • She's cutting her 4 top teeth and has been for a while.  Just yesterday I noticed her right front tooth poke through and her left canine has been peeking through for about a week now.   Poor little girl.
  • She says MAMA!!  She'll say it whenever she wants something or I walk away.  I'm sure she'll say mama to Mason if it were just him and her, but still - I'm proud.
  • She officially crawls.  She was just doing the army crawl thing (like Boonie did) and I wondered why my children were the only on earth who never crawled but just yesterday and today I've noticed her up on her knees the majority of the time.  She loves her new found world of getting around
  • She'll try and pull herself up on things.  Her favorite thing to pull herself up on is me.  She hasn't had much success on anything else, except the stairs, but I can see she wants to.
  • She makes a yoshi type sound all the time.  It sort of sounds like yodeling.
  • Her favorite toy right now is her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal our neighbor gave Boonie right before we left that he never cared about.  She LOVES the thing and anytime she sees it insists on holding it.  I know what you are thinking Stacey... I hate Winnie the Pooh.  Well being Marae loves him SO MUCH he's growing on me.
  • She likes to play peek-a-boo with her blanket.
  • She still gets the hickups when she laughs hard.
  • I know it sounds silly to say but I actually think she's quite funny.
This little lady has us all wrapped around that cute little finger of hers.

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Kara Miller said...

I wanna hear the Marae yodel!