Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leybas Vacation: Day 3

I'm surprised there were no pictures taken at the house.  We rented a cute little 3 bedroom place that was perfect for us all.  We played many a games of Bonanza and there were some massive ping pong games that took place.  I think Kyle had a welt for 2 days after one of the games.

Sunday morning we got dressed early and went to the beach before the sun came up to take family pictures.  Those will come later because I want to edit them on my computer and that computer is packed far, far away in storage.  After family pictures we went to church.  After church Mason and I went on a bike ride and saw some giganticly gorgeous houses.  We had a BBQ, took naps and then headed to the beach for the last time.

The guy behind the camera making the kids smile. 

Here we are at our last beach experience.  We started off by making a sand castle with a mote to protect the princess from the waves.  We thought Boonie would enjoy this.  No, it only made him worry more.

In case you forgot how cute she was:

Pretty accurate of the whole time.  I swear people must have thought we were the worst parents.  But after 45 minutes of trying to comfort him and make him happy we just told him it was okay and then went swimming.

Marae didn't seem to mind at all.  I love my little bug.

Watching his parents get swept away at sea.

This picture makes me laugh:

The waves were pretty big sometimes.  If they caught you right they'd throw you right into the ground. I'm so glad that Mason wanted to go out there with me.  He's so much fun.  My mom actually braved it for a little while.  But the waves got too massive and it was chilly (until you got numb) so she went back in to soothe the screaming child.

The Basselope made an appearance again:

Cute pregnant belly! 

Don't let that smile above fool you.  It's only because he knew we were going home.  Then we asked him how he felt about the ocean.  This is more like it:

Monday morning we had a lazy morning.  Cleaned up, played a game or two and then went to a delicious lunch where we had clam chowder and scrumptious fish sandwiches.  Then my parents took Marae home while Boonie, Mason, and I headed up to Anaheim to go to Disneyland.  Stay tuned!!

I love my family and that we can all have so much fun on trips like these.

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