Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leybas Family Vacation: La Jolla Day 1 & 2

We went on a family vacation to La Jolla the last weekend in May.  Everyone came except Eric.  We left on the 24th which was Mason's last day of school.  He drove out when he finished at noon.  I drove out with my parents.  It was such a wonderful trip.  The house we stayed in was perfect.  It was a low-key vacation with not a lot planned and I really think everyone enjoyed themselves.  The house was about 1/4 of a mile from the beach.  They had bikes that we rode to the beach and Mason and I rode around La Jolla one afternoon. It was close to delicious restaurants.  We walked to a lot of the places we went which was a lot of fun in and of itself.  It was so relaxing - especially for me who had just broken my back packing our entire house.  It was a great escape from the reality of moving that we were in the middle of.

The first day we drove out there, got to the house, kiddos took naps, then we all went to dinner.  We got some yummy fish tacos, Mason arrived, and then we all walked down to the beach.  We weren't prepared to swim that day, but had fun running around on the beach and chasing the waves in and out.  Boonie loved the beach this day - the only day he actually did.  We watched the sunset and the kiddos experience the giant sand box for the first time.  Surprisingly we didn't have our camera that day!!

Below are some pictures taken at a rest stop:

I was wrong!!  There were two pictures taken that first day at the beach.  One on Ryan's cell phone:
And one on Mason's:

The next day (Saturday) we were so excited to go to the beach being Boonie had so much fun the day before.  Little did we know that the two skinned knees he incurred the day before would be a terrifying memory of what the ocean was all about.  He wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the beach for the rest of the trip.  Granted when we got there Saturday morning it was pretty chilly and so was the water.  But he didn't even want to chase the waves.  So we hung out at the beach for about an hour and then gave up.  None of the kids really enjoyed themselves that morning.  It's hit and miss and this beach trip was a miss.  After the beach attempt we went to see some seals in a little cove.  That was much better enjoyed by all.

Grandpa set up shop by Marae.  The rental house also had this double stroller that I LOVED.  I want one so badly now.

The one time we actually went out to the water.
Boone hates the beach.
Looking for the seal cove. 
Kellen sun bathing.

Darci took these next two pictures.  She's a natural.

Here we are at the top of the cove.  I must note that Boonie is wearing Marae's swim diaper.  His swimming suit kept rubbing against his skinned knees and I had forgotten to bring a change of diaper.  So he ran around in a little girls speedo.  Mommy fail for not bringing a change of clothes!

After this we had chinese food then went back home for naptime.  After naps were enjoyed by all we tried the beach again.  It was beautiful and cloudy which made for a gorgeous sunset.  It was a little chilly.  Mason and I decided to go swimming.  This only upset Boonie more (he was already crying the second we set foot on the beach) because we were actually going inside of that beast that scraped his knees.  I'm not sure why he was crying so much.  Everytime I'd ask him he would just say, "Go back home.  Go back home."  This is so strange of him because there is honestly nothing he's ever not liked.  Boone does not like the ocean.

Grandma is much nicer than mommy and daddy.  We just ignored him after a while.  She actually tried to make him feel better.

I love these two pictures below.  These two are buddies and he loves her so much.

We had the perfect spot picked out that evening on the beach.  It wasn't crowded and the rocks made for great chairs.  The only thing was that right as the sun was setting there suddenly appear this massive air stream of tiny gnats.  I'm talking thousands upon thousands streaming about 3 inches from our noses for more than 15 minutes until we decided to leave.  It was pretty funny.

One of Boonie's favorite books is called the Basselope.  It's a silly book about this dog that has antlers and the characters in the book are afraid of it.  Boonie's kind of afraid of the Basselope and whenever it's dark he'll say that he hears it or will look for it.  Ryan also likes to scare him by telling him it's coming.  Well as Boonie was freaking out that we were in the ocean the Basselope emerged.  

Mason got mega daddy points for putting that nasty stuff on his head to make his little boy laugh.

This was during the gnat attack.  Wasn't it beautiful?

I loved Marae's face in this one. 
I love my little family.
 I snapped these pictures of Mason and Marae.  She sure does love her daddy.

What a great day!!

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