Sunday, June 30, 2013

My little man...

Every morning when Boonie gets up and he first sees me he runs and gives me a hug and I give him a big kiss.  I try and get in as many snuggles in the day as I possibly can.  He's just growing so fast and I just adore him.  He's my little man.  The thought of him growing bigger and changing and losing that sweetness about him that I love so much makes me sad sometimes.  Well the other morning as I was getting him dressed we were talking about how he had grown the night before.  Some part of him always grows at night whether it be his leg, ear, etc.  I told him that he had gotten bigger and then I asked him, "What am I going to do when you grow up so big like daddy and you don't need a mommy around anymore?"  He stopped for a second, cocked his head to the side and you could just see the wheels turning in his head.  He said, "You come with me and be happy, mommy."  It was the perfect answer and just melted my heart.  I hope you always need me sweet little Boonie Lefler.

Summer of Fun - JUNE!!

Whew-eee it's been quite the month of June already!!  We have been having so much fun having Mason home every day.  There hasn't been a day that's gone by where we haven't done something fun. It's been so nice having this time with our little ones who are just growing like weeds.  Mason has had a lot of fun spending every day life with these two.  Plus it's been nice staying with Mason's parents.  There's always someone else to entertain Boonie and to help cook/clean.  It's been a great vacation for me!!

Instead of having 20 different posts with all these pictures and stories I'm just making one GIANT post.  Here are our adventures in June:

This is Gracie Boonie's friend (and cousin).  That's what he calls her.  He'll ask, "Is my friend coming over ?  Where is my friend?"

Another cousin Wolfie (Seth).  This was the first time he'd ever held a baby and he was SO PROUD that she didn't cry.

Nana's toy closet under the stairs:

June 8th was our 6th anniversary.  We were lame this year and didn't take one picture even though we had such a great date!!!  Boo!!  Never again!!  We went to the restaurant we went to on our first date - Epic Casual Dining.  Then we went to the new Broadway Musical Jersey Boys which we both loved!! 

My mom is always so thoughtful and gets us a gift to go along with the year we've been married.  The 6th wedding anniversary traditional gift is candy and Iron.  She got us a couple bags of our favorite candy and a cast iron dutch oven!  Score!!  Candy represents the sweetness in your marriage and iron represents good luck and strength.  My mom is so kind to do this for us!!

On the 9th Mason and Boonie decided to camp out and sleep out under the stars.  I was invited but claimed that I needed to hear if Marae woke up inside.  The sun goes down so late here (10 pm) so Boonie has been staying up so late.  So around 10:30ish they settled down and I snapped a few pictures and snuggled with them both then went inside.  I woke up around 2:00 am and noticed them both in their room (the boys are sleeping in one room and Marae and I in the other).  I guess the wind, allergies, and a busy bot were too much for Mason.  :)  But I think they had fun anyway.  

I've been meeting up with friends I haven't seen for a while and meeting their kiddos.  The 13th we went to Jump on It a place full of trampolines with Lindsey Boskovich (my student teacher) and let our little ones who are the same age bounce around.

Marc and Marae
This is the best picture I got of the 4 of them.  It was non stop movement.  Boonie, Marc, Marae, and Peter.
Boone walks on air.

Mini Golfing at Boondocks in Draper:

We went and walked around the temple ground at Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  Boonie had been asking to see the temple since we got here.  That was one of the things we told him he would get to see when we moved to Utah.  Then today in church Boonie saw a picture of the Mt. Timp temple and said, "I've been there!!"  It was cute. 

The 25th Capitalist Christmas came again this year.  Capitalist Christmas comes exactly 6 months after/before Christmas and it's where my dad can buy everyone any gift he feels like throughout the year.  The kids gifts are always the hit.  Boonie got some robot bugs that he is OBSESSED with and Marae got a snow suit that reminds me of the kid on The Christmas Story who can't put his arms down.  She'll grow into it by the time the snow gets here.  It was fun listening to the music and getting excited for the gifts.  I like how my dad's mind works... all of us kids got a game that went along with our personalities.

You can see her foot poking out where he knee should be.  Haha!
Swimming with Gracie and Bobby (Rue).

Boonie's first movie in the theaters - Monster University.  He loved it and the popcorn. 

 The 22nd we went up to Woodland to Mason's Grandma's to do some yard work and visit.  Boonie played in the creek, caught snails, threw rocks, and came home with a handful of splinters that he was a champ about getting out!!

Two sleeping darlings:

Boonie loves Wedge the cat.  Even though it doesn't look like it here he is so nice to her.  At Christmas when we came to visit he was so rough with her but now he just pets her and talks nice to her.  He does pick her up to carry her from place to place but she doesn't seem to mind.  At Christmas he had scratches all over his body.  She hasn't scratched him once!  I just wish she wasn't shedding... YUCK!

We've gone to Logan twice now.  Below is a glimpse of all our belongings.  Kinda crazy!!  We found the perfect 3 bedroom house that we are so excited to move into in a month.  It's got a great backyard, fire pit, and then behind that a small creek.  We went up there last week and took Boonie for the first time to his new house.  We went to the storage unit first to take a couple loads over to the new house and when Boonie saw all our stuff he got so excited seeing things he recognized.  He would point things out and say that's mine remember!?  Then at one point he burst into tears.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, "No bed!  No live here.  There's no bed."  He thought the storage unit was our house and he knew there was no way we could fit in there, plus where was his bed!?  Once he got to the house he felt much better and even got to pick out his room.  He's very excited and has finally stopped asking to go back home (which was heart breaking to hear) and now he asks to go to his new home.

Boonie was so uncomfortable on the ride home in the back of the truck where there was so room.  Poor little baby.

 Wednesday the 26th we hiked up to Mt. Timpanogos Cave.  I'll be honest it was a pretty strenuous hike especially with a baby strapped to your back/chest.  But it was beautiful once we got to the top and Boonie LOVED the cave.

He seriously thought it was so cool inside.  He said some of the rocks looked like teeth.  He kept looking for monsters the whole time.

After we had a pathetic excuse of a picnic but still had fun roasting hot dogs and making a fire.  Boy were we tired!!

Our pathetic meal.
The 29th we got out the slip and slide being it reached 100 that day.

Marae didn't love it half as much as Boonie did.

Then Wedge found a snake that Boonie was obsessed with.  This kid has no fear.

And if I'm not mistaken I think that's all the pictures from June!!  We've gone on bike rides (a 16 mile one) and played, played, played.  It's been great!!