Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Marae 8 Months

Sweet Baby Rae is 8 months old.  Marae you are just as perfect and sweet as can be.  I love you so very much.  You are my girl and I can already feel our friendship growing.  You need me like I need you... or at least that's how I like to think of it as you cry whenever I leave the room.  You are at such a fun stage and I think you are hilarious.  Please don't grow up too fast little dolly.  I'll miss you too much.

Things about Marae at 8 months:
  • All she wants to do it play, play, play!  She is constantly looking at me and whenever I make eye contact her little face just explodes into a giant gummy grin and she laughs.
  • All she wants to do is eat, eat, eat!  We call you the bottomless tank.  It's quite amazing how many cheerios and containers of baby food you can pound in one sitting.  We laugh because you seriously eat from about 5:00 until 8:00 each night.  You have cheerios, a pack and a half of baby food, baby oatmeal, and a bottle all in those 3 hours.  Mason says that's how you store up for your long winters nap each night.
  • At about 7:30 each night, like clock work, she melts into a puddle of exhaustion and tears unless food is being stuffed into her mouth.  But the second you lay her in her bed she starts bouncing around all stiff-legged and laughing.  She loves to go to bed!!
  • Plays pee-a-boo.
  • Your hands are constantly moving like you are casting spells on us still.
  • You'll never crawl or walk.  That's okay.  There is just nothing to motivate you enough.  You do spin 360 degrees on your tummy and roll around, but no crawling.
  • You've got two bottom teeth as of the 17th of April.
  • You say ma ma ma and da da da but I don't think you know it yet.
  • She head bangs.  I think she does it when she gets bored or wants you to pick her up.  It's quite funny to watch and sometimes she'll do it so hard she hits her head on things.

I tell both you and Boonie this Marae, you are my whole world and I love you to pieces.  You are perfect and my absolute favorite.  Oh thank heavens for little girls.

These are the things Grandpa's give.

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