Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Iphone Pics - May

We've had a fun month, as always.  Here are a few randoms.  I love having a phone that takes decent pictures.  You never know when a moment will pop up!

The grapes in our backyard are producing this year.  I'm so sad we won't be able to watch them grow! 
Visiting the Mossmans.  Marae, Boone, Eliah, and Aria.  It's so fun having kids the same age.
Derek Johnson and Marae.

Boonie freezing at the zoo.
Kyle and Stacey, ever so kindly, watched our two little monkeys as we went to a wedding.  I think it was an eye opening experience for them - especially during Marae's witching hour.

I love having a girl!!!! 
Grandma's house is the best.  She even has a fire truck.
We went swimming at my mom's a couple days ago.  I guess I should say Marae did being she was the only one who got in the water.  She didn't seem to mind the cold at all!  Boonie, Grandma, and I just stayed on the steps.  It must be all the extra baby fat keeping her warm.
After swimming at Grandma's house and telling Mason about how much fun Marae had, he wanted to swim too.  So he called up our next door neighbor and asked them if we could invade their pool.  Again, Marae loved it and Boonie actually got in this time.

On to the insane month of May with vacations and moving!!

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