Monday, May 20, 2013

Marae's First Swim

A couple weeks ago the kids and I went down to stay the night at my mom's.  We decided to try out the pool!

Surprisingly Marae was the one who loved the water!!  She didn't mind the cold at all!!  Boonie on the other hand wouldn't have anything to do with it other than his feet.

I think they both liked the kiddie pool better.  My kids are so stinking cute.

A bunch of randoms

We've had a busy month wrapping up our stay in Arizona.  Mason is finishing up school this week.  He coached his last girls softball game last week so we went and watched.

They didn't win... Boonie was ashamed. 

Of course there was plenty of cousin hanging out time:

Boonie flew his Easter kite.

I love this picture.

We went to the zoo again... We just can't seem to stay away.

This time the splash pad was open!

There's always an adventure around here!!

Grandma Widman

I thought I'd take a break from packing to do some catch up blogging.  I mean, it's kinda like packing.  It needs to get done before we move so that I don't get majorly behind with all the fun vacations and moves coming up this next two weeks.  My mom has Boonie for the next couple days so I've been getting a ton done and it feels great - although I will admit that I do miss my little 'helper'.

First off... I've got some catching up to do about my Grandma.  Grandma just celebrated her 87th birthday on April 6th.  A couple days before though she got to meet her Great Grandbaby Kellen.

For her birthday a bunch of us took her out to Red Lobster.  Her favorite.  She hadn't been out in a long time and I think she enjoyed herself!

Stacey, Grandma, Claudia Scott, Mike Scott, Mom, Dora Scott, Carol Etter, Marae

About two weeks after her birthday she got really sick.  She was hospitalized and we almost thought we were going to lose her.  She has Parkinson's disease and it's been giving her a hard time.  These pictures below were when she was so sick that we honestly didn't know if she were going to make it through the night.  We came to say our goodbyes and show her some love.  Surprisingly she is doing much better now though.  

I love this picture.  My mom and I sat with her for 3 hours one Sunday afternoon and just talked with her while she was in and out of it.  It was a special time for my mom and I.

4 hands, all about 30 years apart.

We love you Grandma and just want you to be at peace and content with your life.  I'm thankful that she is feeling better now and not suffering.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just to Remember...

My silly babies...

I know we have some wild days ahead of us with these two.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Iphone Pics - May

We've had a fun month, as always.  Here are a few randoms.  I love having a phone that takes decent pictures.  You never know when a moment will pop up!

The grapes in our backyard are producing this year.  I'm so sad we won't be able to watch them grow! 
Visiting the Mossmans.  Marae, Boone, Eliah, and Aria.  It's so fun having kids the same age.
Derek Johnson and Marae.

Boonie freezing at the zoo.
Kyle and Stacey, ever so kindly, watched our two little monkeys as we went to a wedding.  I think it was an eye opening experience for them - especially during Marae's witching hour.

I love having a girl!!!! 
Grandma's house is the best.  She even has a fire truck.
We went swimming at my mom's a couple days ago.  I guess I should say Marae did being she was the only one who got in the water.  She didn't seem to mind the cold at all!  Boonie, Grandma, and I just stayed on the steps.  It must be all the extra baby fat keeping her warm.
After swimming at Grandma's house and telling Mason about how much fun Marae had, he wanted to swim too.  So he called up our next door neighbor and asked them if we could invade their pool.  Again, Marae loved it and Boonie actually got in this time.

On to the insane month of May with vacations and moving!!