Friday, April 12, 2013

Marae 7 Months (and other stuff)

I can not allow myself to get behind on my pictures or I fear I'll never resurface!  With this moving coming up and so much going on I've got to stay on top of things.  That being said, it's the middle of the month and Marae is now 7 and (almost) a half months old!!!  Holy smokies that is amazing.

Things Marae does at 7 months:
  • Is absolutely adorable - always.
  • Wave bye bye.  Her wave is so funny because she twists her wrists backwards and turns her hand into a claw and waves it up and down.  She also makes a noise that sounds like "Hi" when she's saying it.  If she keeps it up I may have to chalk that up as her first word.
  • She loves her binkie and being she doesn't get it very often anymore she won't make a sound while she has it.
  • She gets the hiccups everytime she laughs hard.  But that's been happening forever.
  • She HATES, LOATHES, DESPISES peas.  It's strange because that's what we started her on, but whenever she eats them she literally gags.  She's kinda a picky eater.
  • Still is my snuggler.
  • Doesn't have any teeth yet, but she is teething for sure.  Everything goes into the mouth and she drools a ton.  She always has her tongue out rubbing it on her bottom gums.  I wonder when we'll see the first little one.
  • She still is my lazy daisy.  Whenever I put her on her stomach she just gets mad.  She can rotate pretty well and roll and push herself while on her back, but she's not showing any interest in crawling yet.
  • She thinks its funny when she coughs and will fake cough to see your reaction.
  • She likes to get her brother in trouble.  Sometimes she'll cry out when he's not doing anything just to see if you look and then go about happily.  Little stinker.
  • Perfect in every single way.  I just adore you Marae.

This one makes me laugh.


The rest of these photos are from my phone this month.

Here is Boonie after his first green smoothie.  There is just something so rewarding about watching your kid chug down two cups of spinach along with all kinds of other healthy things. 
Mason came home with Diamond Backs tickets one night.  So we all decided to go for a little while.  Boonie loved it!

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