Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Schmester...

Easter was kind of a bust at our house this year.  I had grand plans, of course, of Easter bunnies and egg hunts and delicious dinners - all of which fell through to a nasty stomach bug that attacked the boys in our house.  Luckily Marae and I have gotten away without anything - knock on wood!  Mason woke up sick Friday morning and around noon was when Boonie's fever kicked in.  All we ended up doing was dying Easter eggs and when the Easter bunny did finally come Boonie's tummy hurt too much to even go look for eggs so we carried him around the yard while he pointed them out.  This was my first experience with a puking child.  FUN!

Oh and Boonie got a summer buzz cut thanks to his father.  I'm not a huge fan.  Luckily he still has a cute face to go with it.

He still had fun dying the eggs even though he felt rotten.

Mason was suppose to sing in church but I had to fill in.  I am the ward choir director and the choir sang two songs.  They did a fabulous job and my song went well too for having only practiced it a day before performing.  Marae was my little Easter dolly.  I'm glad she wasn't the one sick so I could still dress her up in her Easter dress.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this little girl?

The Easter bunny brought Marae a pillow pet!  She loves to rub her snotty little face in it.  Boonie got a pinwheel, kite, book, and superman cape which he has yet to enjoy.

Happy Easter!!  Hopefully next year is much better!!

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