Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feeling Blessed

We are getting so excited for this upcoming move to Logan.  It has been such an answer to so many prayers.  We recognize the Lord's hand in our lives and are so thankful.  Mason's teaching job had been what he wanted at the time and throughout his Master's degree, but he knew quickly that teaching middle school was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life especially since there is a pay freeze in the state and he would have continued to only make a first year teaching income until who knows when - making it impossible to provide for a family with a stay at home mom.

This time last year he had applied to a couple doctorate programs right after he received his Master's.  When he didn't get accepted into those programs he asked them how he could make himself more appetizing.  They told him that they usually accepted students with more experience into their programs.  Dead end.  That frustrated him because both he and I wanted to get out of the big city and on to the next phase of our lives.  We looked at teaching openings in Utah and around the state and even applied to many thinking that perhaps we should just move to where we want to live and have him start climbing up the district ladder.  We looked at Logan Utah and even drove around the cities up there last summer wishing so badly that we could somehow get up there.  Funny how things work out.  I had honestly written off Utah because their teaching certification process is so crazy and involves so many more tests and things, PLUS there were hardly ANY openings.  I thought we'd never go back there.  We looked at Colorado, Idaho, and norther Arizona.  None of those options worked out and honestly we were both pretty frustrated.  Mason didn't want to be at his school any longer and wanted to work with kids who actually cared about their futures.  He applied at many different schools around the Phoenix area only to have each one fall through.

About a month before school started last summer one of Mason's teachers on his team asked him to apply for a teaching grant through Apple where every 8th grader would receive an iPad for the year.  Mason and his team applied and got the grant.  They were one of the first schools to get this grant and Apple worked closely along with them trying out a pilot program that is on the front of education called Flipping the Classroom.  Mason led the middle school and learned a ton.  This single event is what we feel got him accepted into the doctorate program up at USU - plus Mason discovered a new passion.  He applied for the Instructional Technology and Innovations program at USU and got accepted.  Had he gotten a job anywhere else this wouldn't have happened.  Now he is on the front of changing education and I have never seen him so excited.  It feels so good to see him so excited.  In all my years of knowing him he hasn't ever been as passionate about a job as he is this program.  Exciting things are in store for us.  It's amazing how the Lord answers our prayers and doesn't other times.  Looking back now I can see how it all worked out, but when I was in the middle of it, it was so hard.  It always seems like that.  We just need to remember when we are in the middle of the hard parts that things always have a way of working themselves out and once we are through the storm, the clearing always makes sense.

We are going to miss my family in Arizona so badly but Logan feels so right.  I'm excited for this next chapter of our lives.

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Always Fun When Klara Comes!!

You know, the primary song "It's Always Fun When Grandpa Comes"?  Well my old roommate, Klara, came to visit last week and I couldn't have been happier.  She always makes me laugh and we always have the best time laughing, even when doing nothing.  Here are too many pictures of when she came to visit.  I got these all off her camera before she left.

First off we went golfing at Golf Land over in Tempe before I dropped her off at her brothers for the night.  It was a great way to kick off the visit and the weather was beautiful.

Thursday she came over to our house and loved on my kids.  There is just something about other people you love loving your kids that makes you love them even more... does that make any sense??  :)

Klara was such a good sport.  We had to have a massive garage sale with my mom and brother because that was the only weekend that worked for everyone.  So Klara helped make signs and entertain everyone throughout the chaos.  

Mason losing his mind the night before the yard sale. 

She likes random things just like me!

Friday night we went out on a girls night to West Gate Mall.  We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed each others company. 

 Sunday after conference we drove out to where they are building the new Phoenix temple.

Thank you for coming Klara!!  I always love spending time with you!!

My sense of humor...

So... I saw this on Facebook and it makes me laugh every single time I see it.  So much so that I guess it belongs in my book of remembrance.

Marae 7 Months (and other stuff)

I can not allow myself to get behind on my pictures or I fear I'll never resurface!  With this moving coming up and so much going on I've got to stay on top of things.  That being said, it's the middle of the month and Marae is now 7 and (almost) a half months old!!!  Holy smokies that is amazing.

Things Marae does at 7 months:
  • Is absolutely adorable - always.
  • Wave bye bye.  Her wave is so funny because she twists her wrists backwards and turns her hand into a claw and waves it up and down.  She also makes a noise that sounds like "Hi" when she's saying it.  If she keeps it up I may have to chalk that up as her first word.
  • She loves her binkie and being she doesn't get it very often anymore she won't make a sound while she has it.
  • She gets the hiccups everytime she laughs hard.  But that's been happening forever.
  • She HATES, LOATHES, DESPISES peas.  It's strange because that's what we started her on, but whenever she eats them she literally gags.  She's kinda a picky eater.
  • Still is my snuggler.
  • Doesn't have any teeth yet, but she is teething for sure.  Everything goes into the mouth and she drools a ton.  She always has her tongue out rubbing it on her bottom gums.  I wonder when we'll see the first little one.
  • She still is my lazy daisy.  Whenever I put her on her stomach she just gets mad.  She can rotate pretty well and roll and push herself while on her back, but she's not showing any interest in crawling yet.
  • She thinks its funny when she coughs and will fake cough to see your reaction.
  • She likes to get her brother in trouble.  Sometimes she'll cry out when he's not doing anything just to see if you look and then go about happily.  Little stinker.
  • Perfect in every single way.  I just adore you Marae.

This one makes me laugh.


The rest of these photos are from my phone this month.

Here is Boonie after his first green smoothie.  There is just something so rewarding about watching your kid chug down two cups of spinach along with all kinds of other healthy things. 
Mason came home with Diamond Backs tickets one night.  So we all decided to go for a little while.  Boonie loved it!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Day

Puking yesterday?  Today he runs into the screen door track on the backdoor?  My mom says his new haircut is jinxing him.  Perhaps his body is just playing a cruel April Fools joke on him for cutting off his Samson-esk hair.

My poor little guy.  I love that he still tried to smile for the camera even though this had just happened.

Easter Schmester...

Easter was kind of a bust at our house this year.  I had grand plans, of course, of Easter bunnies and egg hunts and delicious dinners - all of which fell through to a nasty stomach bug that attacked the boys in our house.  Luckily Marae and I have gotten away without anything - knock on wood!  Mason woke up sick Friday morning and around noon was when Boonie's fever kicked in.  All we ended up doing was dying Easter eggs and when the Easter bunny did finally come Boonie's tummy hurt too much to even go look for eggs so we carried him around the yard while he pointed them out.  This was my first experience with a puking child.  FUN!

Oh and Boonie got a summer buzz cut thanks to his father.  I'm not a huge fan.  Luckily he still has a cute face to go with it.

He still had fun dying the eggs even though he felt rotten.

Mason was suppose to sing in church but I had to fill in.  I am the ward choir director and the choir sang two songs.  They did a fabulous job and my song went well too for having only practiced it a day before performing.  Marae was my little Easter dolly.  I'm glad she wasn't the one sick so I could still dress her up in her Easter dress.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this little girl?

The Easter bunny brought Marae a pillow pet!  She loves to rub her snotty little face in it.  Boonie got a pinwheel, kite, book, and superman cape which he has yet to enjoy.

Happy Easter!!  Hopefully next year is much better!!

Boone and Darci - Ladybug Day

Darci's favorite snack.
Lady bug day at the library: