Friday, March 22, 2013

A Day in the Life of Boonie Lefler

I am such a nostalgic person and adding children into the mix of moving is only worsening my problem.  This little house has had too many memories over the past 3 years and it makes me so sad to think about leaving it.  I wanted to catch a glimpse of Boonie's mornings just to remember.

Good morning sunshine...

They grow up too fast, don't they?

Playing Catch up

Remember that one time we had two babies?

I just love these two little busy bots who keep me running.  Here are a few more of our adventures from the month.

My poor Boonie sat on a cactus.  OUCH!!  I was telling him to watch out for something that was being backed out of the garage and he backed into the cactus and sat on it.  Mason had to pull the needles out.  Poor little man.  He was so tough and brave through it all.  We almost made it through our 3 years in AZ without any cactus incidents!

Over spring break we went on a bike ride.  The kiddos were hot in their trailer but I think everyone survived their first time out.  Marae fell asleep behind Boonie forcing him to sit forward.  He was sweet and just leaned the rest of the trip.  He's such a good big brother.

I have two beautiful babies, if I do say so myself.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Marae 6 Months

Half a year already!!!!
6 Month Old Stats:
Weight: 15.3 lbs - 25 - 50 Percentile
Length:  26 inches - just above the 50th Percentile
Head:  43 1/2 cm - 75th Percentile

I took this picture at the top at the beginning of the month.  Then I took this picture below about two weeks later...

Holy chunky baby!!  I can't believe how chunky she has gotten in just two weeks!!  I sure do love to squish on those cheeks.  Marae's little personality has been coming out more and more over the past couple weeks.  As soon as she hit 6 months she just took off with so many new milestones.

Things Marae does now at 6 1/2 months:
  • She doesn't sleep with a binkie or a burrito anymore.  She also sleeps from 8:30 to 5:30.  She figured it out after only one (ruthless) night of sleep training.  Now she's a fabulous sleep at night.  
  • Loves her brother SO MUCH.  Only Boone can get the rolling laughs out of her.
  • Eats lots of food.  Her favorite is baby oatmeal.  I call her my anorexic baby because she is so distracted while nursing.  It's basically impossible if there is anyone else in the room... or a ceiling fan.  She has to constantly see what's going on.
  • She sits on her own now.
  • She has forgotten how to roll over.
  • Loves to chew on anything and everything she can get her hands on.  She's actually become quite good with her hands.
  • Her hair is thinning out and starting to look like an old lady on chemo.
  • Has her daddy completely wrapped around her itty bitty finger.
  • Loves her daddy's glasses.
  • Just two days ago she figured out how to say Da-da-da-da-da-da-da.  He claims it's her first word.
  • I can't get enough of her.  Seriously.  I try to soak in every snuggle, hug, kiss, and smell because she is growing entirely too fast.
  • She is still my sweet snuggler.  We call her the attachment because she is carried around on my hip for a good part of the day just checking things out.

Love that gummy grin.
While Mason was home on Spring Break this week we did Marae's 6 month pictures.  I think they just came out adorable.  I love you little lady! 

And... here are the random iphone pictures of Marae:

This is her scream mask (you know - the ghost movie) face.  She does it when she gets really excited and stiff. 

Last night in a burrito!

The Last Zoo Trip

We found out about a month ago that Mason was accepted into the Doctorate program at USU (more about this later) so we didn't renew our zoo membership that expired this month.  So we went for the last time at the end of February.  We decided to visit Stingray Bay and have the kids pet the stingrays.  

I love these two and it breaks my heart thinking about them not seeing each other every week. 

It was a great deal getting that zoo membership.  We had a lot of fun and it was fun to see Boone grow over the year and appreciate the animals more and more.  I'll miss our zoo trips Stacey!!