Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My birthday celebration

Two days before my birthday I went down to Casa Grande to celebrate with my parents being Mason is at school all day.  The night before my birthday they took me out for a Prime Rib dinner (my fav!!) at Fransisco Grande.  My little darlings were well behaved and we had a nice time.

The last picture of me in my 20s!

On my birthday my mom made me an angel food cake (yum) and spoiled me rotten!!  My parents then kept Boonie until Saturday so that I could relax at home for two days.  It was a fabulous birthday!!  Mason surprised me with flowers and got me rose gold earrings to match my wedding ring.  That gift counts for the next 3 anniversaries.  I love them! 

Saturday night my mom brought Boonie back up and babysat both kiddos while Mason took me out for my birthday.  We went to Toby Keith's where they have live music and country dancing.  I got a free steak being it was my birthday - score!!  The only thing that was lame was that they were showing a UFC fight and that didn't get over until 10:45.  So we only danced a little before we had to head home. But we had a nice time together and my little heart was so happy to be dancing again.

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Nicole said...

Happy 30th! I will be joining that club soon...