Monday, February 11, 2013

Marae - 5 Months

Mah-ray of sunshine!  My only sunshine.  You make me happy, when skies are gray.  You really do darling girl.  You are just so delightfully squishy and cute that I want to squeeze you to until you pop!!  I've always been a bit of an Elmyra (Tiny Toons anyone!?)

We started you on baby oatmeal and green beans this month.  The first picture below explains your reaction to a T.  Although you were in need of a nap.  You handled it much better the next day.

Marae at 5 months:
  • Still need to be swaddled TIGHTLY to fall asleep.  We are going to buckle down and break you of it next month... if I can handle it.  Your hands are always sneaking out and attacking your face.
  • Started solids - although your little tongue still hasn't figured it out.  You don't open your mouth, you lick like a dog when you see it coming.  You'll figure it out soon.
  • You think it's hilarious when people jump.  Seriously, if you want to see this girl give the heartiest laugh, just jump.
  • Occasionally you'll shriek like this really high pitch chirp that makes everyone stop dead in their tracks and wonder what that noise was.
  • You absolutely love your brother and think he's the coolest thing ever.  You get bored when he's not around.  The day he stayed at Grandma's for my birthday, you were seriously so bored with me and kept looking around for the entertainment.  
  • Rolls from side to side, and onto your stomach, but you can't figure out how to get off your stomach which makes you furious.
  • You have the most darling gummy smile that melts your daddy's and my hearts every single day.
  • Your bedtime is 8-8:30 and don't you dare try and stretch past this, or everyone will pay.
  • You get up around 3 and 5:30 each night.  When you wake up around 6:15ish I like to sneak you in bed with me and stare at you.  I love taking naps with you.
  • You still love the changing table and to be naked.  It's quite the party - even when you are exhausted!!

 Randoms from the month of January: 

I seriously love this picture.
We call the little boy in the red shirt in this picture Herman.  He came home from Darci's house one day like this because Marae had a blowout (naturally).

I wonder if her hair will always be crazy.
The night I took this picture was one of the first times I felt like they were really playing together.  Boonie got everything off his bed and he was pretending to put Marae to sleep.  She was having a great time watching him.  They were so cute!


Katie Goudie said...

She is so cute!! Can't believe how fast they grow! :D

Lissa said...

She really is such a doll! And I LOVE her crazy hair! It's adorable. Also, how fun to see all my girl's clothes on your blog! lol =)