Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let it Snow!!

What happens when you go to Utah with a forecast of 4 days of snow with a two year old who has never seen it before??

Lots and lots of pictures.

Day 1:

His first snowman.

Warming up in Nana's bath.

Day 2:

Charging after Daddy with a snowball. 
Yes there were still plenty of moments like this.

Day 3:

Don't worry.  It all ended in smiles still.

Did you notice how his snow attire kept changing with each day?  By the last day Laura went out and bought him a snow suit to keep at her house.  He had much more fun that day because he didn't get cold.  He loved playing in the snow.  Every now and then he'll ask me if we can go to Nanna and Poppa's house.  And that's it for our Utah trip!!  We had a great time as always!!

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Ashley_Cameron said...

Such cute pictures! And Marae looks just like a mini Boone!! It's amazing. Darling kids. Glad you had a great time, but sorry we didn't get to see you. Things were crazy with our family too :(