Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas in Utah!

We left right after Mason got home from school on Friday and drove half way to St. George.  We spent the night with his aunt and then continued on our journey.

There were about 15 of this same picture that Boonie took on my phone while he was playing with it.  Goof.
We pulled in to Alpine at 2:00 just as the family was getting together for a little party and Gingerbread decorating for the kids. 

Gabey, Wolfie, Zach and Boonie taking it very seriously.
Avery, Sydney, Gabey, Wolfie, Zach, Monet's little head, and Boone.
The finished product.  He was very proud.
The next day, Saturday the 23rd, everyone got together again for the big Christmas dinner, nativity, and gift exchange.  I love that Boone has so many cousins to play with.  He has so much fun with them.  It's interesting how he prefers to play with his older cousins though.  All the young ones will be playing together and he'll be off with the older ones.  Mason thinks its because we are his best friends so he prefers older people.

Laura got new costumes for the nativity this year and they are just adorable.  All the kids had a part and had so much fun performing it.  This was the best performance yet!!

The cutest shepherd ever.
Sydney was the best star ever.  She was flitting around all night.  I love these two girls.  They crack me up. 
Boone's doing a great job of following the star.
Mary (Lilah) was so excited to hold baby Jesus.  Too bad Baby Jesus didn't want to be held.  Aunt Emilie had to act as the manger the whole time. 
Gracie, my fellow wise-woman.

Marae has officially met all of her Great Grandparents.  Here is Grandma Elizabeth holding her 100th great grandchild!
I'm so glad we went up to Utah for Christmas.  A part of me didn't really want to because I wanted to have our own Christmas with our own little family, but there are so many fun traditions that the Lefler's do that I want my kids to be a part of.  Plus the snow.

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