Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Activities and.... THE ELF.

Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo!  Mason helped someone push their car off the freeway that had broken down and they gave him a free ticket to zoo lights as a thank you.  The highlight for me was watching Boone chase around the disco lights on the ground in circles.  Who knows how long he would have kept going had we not stopped him.

His new 'smile for the camera face'.
Here we are making cookies for the neighbors.  I've always wanted to decorate sugar cookies with my kids.  Yes he's little, but he loved it.  We had to wash his hands about 30 times because they kept accidently (seriously, it was an accident because he would say uh oh and look so guilty after each lick) licking his fingers.  He had pretty good self control for a 2 year old. 

Now... THE ELF.  We had an elf on the shelf come and stay at our house this year being Boonie is old enough to grasp right and wrong.  Although our elf didn't really monitor Boone's behavior, he just gave Boonie some entertainment each morning.  At first Boone wasn't quite sure about that elf.  He was always into his toys and doing weird things.  But after about 5 days he really warmed up to him and started looking forward to finding him every morning.  I would hear him talking about the elf in his room before I even got him up.  Here are some of the crazy things our elf did this year...


He was sad to see the elf go when Christmas came and went.  Hopefully you come back and see us next year Buddy!!

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