Friday, December 21, 2012

Boone lately...

Boone is just hilarious now a days and I thought I'd just write a few things he's been doing:

  • In the picture above he was actually stuck.  He was trying to pick up his sock and push himself back up but he couldn't because everytime he'd try his milk would leak a little bit.  He was asking for help but instead I went and grabbed the camera.
  • He opens doors and holds them for me.  That's what you get for having a husband who does a good example of that.  The first time he did it I melted over how sweet it was.
  • He sings in church - which can be very loud and distracting.  We end up laughing the whole song, but can't let him see.  Sometimes we have to tell him to tone it down a bit.  He's a natural.
  • The other day in the backyard he was very concerned because he found the moon laying on our porch.  It was actually a gross old fingernail clipping but he thought it was the moon and carried it around in his wagon until I finally told him to throw it up in the sky.  Cute little boy.
  • He is exercising his agency now and has to have things his way sometimes.  There is an order as to how he wakes up in the morning.  Don't you dare turn on the light in the room before turning off his sheep clock and nightlight or there will be a price to pay.
  • He loves baby Jesus and his prayers that he says all by himself often only have to do with baby Jesus.  Also, when we get in the car to go somewhere he often thinks we are going to see baby Jesus being there were so many nativities with Christmas.
  • Anytime something is lost and I ask him where it is he always laughs and says, "Hiding.  Hide and seek."
  • He knows how to ride his bike now and is quite proud when he gets the chance.
  • Any time you ask him if he is done eating he will ALWAYS say no.  If you ask him what else he wants he will say, "Apple juice."  When he knows he's not going to get it he always tries and asks anyway but says it in a whisper and very ennunciated "Ap-pull-juice"
  • There are two things that he says that we quote all the time.  One is "Sorry Mommy/Daddy/Rae" but it sounds like saw-ee Mommy and it's so cute.  The other is when I am driving him somewhere in the car and he's bored he will just say my name in a monotone voice.  Mommy.  Maw-mee.  It's all nasally and annoying (like a nerd pushing up his glasses) but it cracks Mason and I up.  Maw-mee.  Mason does a great impression of it.
  • There are just so many funny things he does right now that I want to remember them all... I love my little boy.  He is still my buddy and I dread/welcome the day when he doesn't want me involved in every single second of his day.

These pictures below are from Darci's two year pictures.  We took these the same night as the gingerbread building contest at Kyle and Stacey's.

My favorites of Darci:

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