Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sometimes there just are no words... describe such priceless pictures, like this one:

This is just a glimpse into my every day life.

Meet Baby Kellen!

Kellen John Leybas joined the world December 27, 2012.  I couldn't wait to get home from Utah to give this little man a snuggle.  He is so sweet and tiny.

Kellen got blessed on January 6th and that was the first time he got to meet his cousins.

He made Marae look giant!

My parents are just loving all these new grandbabies!!

We love you already Kellen!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marae - 4 Months

Marae's 4 Month Stats:
13.3 pounds - 20 Percentile
26 inches - 90th Percentile

I've got another long and lean baby on my hands.

Oh sweet baby Marae... we barely survived your 3rd month of life.  Whew!!  From nipple confusion to reverting back to newborn sleeping patterns you just about did me in.  Not to mention the craziness of the holidays...  Thank heavens ALL of that has calmed down and you are just the sweetest thing ever now.  You are a smiley little doll who smiles and laughs at your big brother.  I think you two will be great friends.  You have discovered your hands and work VERY hard and diligently to feel things and put them in your mouth.  The other day while sitting in your bumbo you were rubbing the center of it like it was your magic crystal ball over and over again.  It was funny.  I've started putting your crazy/greasy/adorable little hair in pigtails.  I think it shows off your face better and I think you are pretty much the cutest thing this side of heaven.

1st day with pigtails.
I love all those blue eyes staring at me.

I love you to pieces!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let it Snow!!

What happens when you go to Utah with a forecast of 4 days of snow with a two year old who has never seen it before??

Lots and lots of pictures.

Day 1:

His first snowman.

Warming up in Nana's bath.

Day 2:

Charging after Daddy with a snowball. 
Yes there were still plenty of moments like this.

Day 3:

Don't worry.  It all ended in smiles still.

Did you notice how his snow attire kept changing with each day?  By the last day Laura went out and bought him a snow suit to keep at her house.  He had much more fun that day because he didn't get cold.  He loved playing in the snow.  Every now and then he'll ask me if we can go to Nanna and Poppa's house.  And that's it for our Utah trip!!  We had a great time as always!!

Christmas in Utah!

We left right after Mason got home from school on Friday and drove half way to St. George.  We spent the night with his aunt and then continued on our journey.

There were about 15 of this same picture that Boonie took on my phone while he was playing with it.  Goof.
We pulled in to Alpine at 2:00 just as the family was getting together for a little party and Gingerbread decorating for the kids. 

Gabey, Wolfie, Zach and Boonie taking it very seriously.
Avery, Sydney, Gabey, Wolfie, Zach, Monet's little head, and Boone.
The finished product.  He was very proud.
The next day, Saturday the 23rd, everyone got together again for the big Christmas dinner, nativity, and gift exchange.  I love that Boone has so many cousins to play with.  He has so much fun with them.  It's interesting how he prefers to play with his older cousins though.  All the young ones will be playing together and he'll be off with the older ones.  Mason thinks its because we are his best friends so he prefers older people.

Laura got new costumes for the nativity this year and they are just adorable.  All the kids had a part and had so much fun performing it.  This was the best performance yet!!

The cutest shepherd ever.
Sydney was the best star ever.  She was flitting around all night.  I love these two girls.  They crack me up. 
Boone's doing a great job of following the star.
Mary (Lilah) was so excited to hold baby Jesus.  Too bad Baby Jesus didn't want to be held.  Aunt Emilie had to act as the manger the whole time. 
Gracie, my fellow wise-woman.

Marae has officially met all of her Great Grandparents.  Here is Grandma Elizabeth holding her 100th great grandchild!
I'm so glad we went up to Utah for Christmas.  A part of me didn't really want to because I wanted to have our own Christmas with our own little family, but there are so many fun traditions that the Lefler's do that I want my kids to be a part of.  Plus the snow.