Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Happenings...

We had a busy month filled with fun things.  One of the major events this month besides Thanksgiving was Darci's 2nd birthday.  We celebrated with a fun time at Chuck e' Cheese.  Boone had a great time playing the games!  (And so did his daddy)

Happy Birthday Darci!!

The rest are random pictures from my iphone of things we've done throughout the month of November.  To start you off, here is a lovely picture of my two darlings.  There is something about both of your children crying at the same time that makes you feel like a fabulous mother.

I took this picture to send to Mason to let him know what kind of day I was having.

Zoo trip with Darci:

Stake Conference: 

Mason was a proud participant of BRO-vember - hcnce the facial hair.

Too bright for pictures mommy!!!
Zoo trip with Lindsey Peecook and Liam:

Being we didn't have any Thanksgiving leftovers because it was at my mom's house we made our own Thanksgiving dinner the next day with 'just the good stuff.'

And to finish off the month we spent the last week in Casa Grande taking pictures for the Nutcracker.  Boone went on the parents night and watched the whole thing.  There was something special for me taking him to watch what was such a MAJOR part of my childhood every year.

That about sums up the month!  On to December!

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