Monday, December 10, 2012

Marae - 3 Months

We are halfway through your 3rd month little girl!  We'd better get this documented!

 Things Marae does at 3 months:

  • Smiles!  When she smiles her whole face smiles along with her.  It's the cutest thing.
  • She has given us a couple laughs but she is very stingy with them.  Most of the time she'll just give you a growly chuckle or grunt.  We're still working on it.
  • She's kind of grown into a fussy old soul as we like to call it.  I feel like a detective trying to figure her out.  At first I thought she wasn't getting enough milk because I could always hear her tummy growling.  But now I think she may just have irritable bowls so we are starting her on Primadophilus Reuteri as soon as Boone wakes up from his nap and we go to Sprouts.  I think this will help.  I read about it and a friend uses it too, so I'm optimistic.  Maybe I need to start cutting something out of my diet.  Like I said, it's detective work!!
  • The left side of her head has developed a flat spot.  It's actually been there a while.  We are working on keeping her off of it as much as possible.  She ALWAYS sleeps on that side no matter what.  It's like trying to keep a ball from rolling downhill.  Anyway... I hope we can get it under control and don't have to resort to a helmet.  Although she'd be the cutest powder puff football lookin' baby ever!
  • She has awesome hair that I love to put bows in that looks greasy unless you wash it every day.
  • She grunts and talks more now and I love her little voice.
  • She is still the queen of blow outs.  My goodness little lady!  I have to scrub atleast one outfit a day!  No joke!!  And it's not that her diapers are too small... she just knows how to work it out the top!  Little darling.
  • She is my little snuggler.  I love how she likes to be held and will just sit there and rock with me. Boonie was such a wiggly little one and hated to be held.  So I've been soaking in all the snuggles.
  • We got out size 3-6 month clothes and some of them fit.  That breaks my heart, but I'm loving all the winter outfits!
  • She has found her hand and loves to suck on them as often as she can.  It was hard to get any pictures of her at 3 months without her hand in her mouth.  :)

Random pictures of Marae throughout the month:

I especially love this one.
Sleeping with Mommy at Grandma's house.
Her first hairdo,  She looks like a little sumo wrestler.
I love you baby girl!!


Ashley_Cameron said...

What a cute girl! I think she looks just like Boone but with brown hair :)

Kimmy said...

She is as adorable as you Allison! If you need any more suggestions on the flat spot, let me know. We went through that with Morgan and had to resort to the helmet, but I learned some good tips along the way.