Monday, December 17, 2012

Gingerbread Houses and Santa!

This time of year is always so much fun with all the things going on.  We've had a busy month thus far and the activities just keep coming.  

We started off the month with the annual Gingerbread Building Contest that Kyle and Stacey hosted.  Pride comes before the fall and we came in a meager 2nd place this year.  That's okay... our nativity rocked with it's fruit roll up outfits and all.  There were 4 couples total but one of the houses crashed about 5 minutes before it ended.  So here are the 3 remaining entries.

The First Christmas
This one was titled: Gingerbread Building Contest and it won first place.  Such a cute idea!  Notice they made OUR nativity on the left.  Haha!
Rockafellar Christmas (Kyle and Stacey's)
The children did great and were only a slight interference.  Marae slept the whole time and its a good thing too because she probably would have been ignored. 

Last Wednesday we went on a little Christmas date.  We started off by seeing Santa at Bass Pro Shops. They had a whole little workshop set up with lots of things for the kids to do.  Boone had a great time throwing snowballs and riding the carousel.  Marae fell asleep but atleast she still got to meet Santa.

We wondered how Boone would react to Santa being he's not too comfortable with strangers.  We tried to prep him and asked him what he was going to ask Santa for.  He said he wanted a blue treat and blocks.  When we were next in line he looked at Santa nervously and we honestly thought it was going to be another crying picture this year.  When we were up Santa beckoned Boonie and Boone went over.  Santa asked him is name and he told him!  Then Santa lifted him onto his lap.  He asked him what he wanted and I'm not sure if he answered or not, but atleast he wasn't crying!!  We then handed him Marae and the elves got ready to take a picture.  They were ringing bells and yelling trying to get him to smile and his face kept getting more and more serious.  I said, "If you don't take the picture soon he's going to burst into tears!"  They took it and Boonie survived.  He got a candy cane and walked off happy as could be.

I wanted one of just Santa and Marae for her first Christmas.  I was hoping he would do something cute with her being she was asleep, but the picture still turned out cute.  He was a sweet Santa.

After that we drove over to the temple to walk around and look at the temple lights.  Boonie loves finding all the houses with lights and he certainly loved the massive amounts of lights at the temple.

Having a child at Christmas is so much fun.  He gets so excited about everything and I love that he knows who Santa and the reindeer are.

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Holly and Daric said...

Bass Pro Shop has the best santa! So sad there isn't one here.