Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Cards

We took our Christmas card pictures back at the beginning of November.  They came out so cute.  I had something a little different in mind, but I just love how they came out.  My babies sure are cute.

I just love Marae's face in this one.  She couldn't look any sweeter.  Actually I love everything about this picture - including her fuzzy little boots.
 The rest of these are out takes that were just too cute not to show.

He'll do anything if you promise a sucker afterwards.
My goal thought for this last one was to have Marae asleep on top of Boonie and him hog-tied with a caption that said, "Let there be peace on Earth" but Marae just looks like a gremlin instead.
Merry Christmas!!
From, The Lefler's!!

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xantogal said...

Very fun gingerbread creations!! and my favorite picture is the one with Marae sitting on Boone :) Heehee. Such cutie kids!