Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Came Early This Year

We decided to celebrate Christmas early being we were going up to Utah for the actual holiday.  We actually had it on the 16th.  REALLY early - I know.  I don't think we will ever do this again because Christmas seemed to drag on and on... Scrooge!!  I know... but I felt like it was over and still had 10 days to celebrate it.  But it going up to Utah with the snow made it new again.  So here we are on 'Christmas' morning.
Boone with his stocking and the Elf - more on him later.
Santa brought him his blocks!!  This is how he takes pictures if you ask him to show you whatever he is holding.
He also got a T-ball stand that actually works!  He had to go and try it out immediately.
Santa brought Marae a baby Stella doll.  I think they look alike.

I don't think Christmas is ever a success unless your house looks like this after.

Merry (first of 3) Christmas everyone!!

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