Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Two weeks ago was the ward trunk or treat party.  We entered what should have been my award winning chili, but the judges had it rigged.  :)  That's okay... we had a fun time anyway.  

All the Halloween festivities have been so much fun this year with Boone being he kinda gets what's going on.  Of course Boone was a robot, Mason and I were the mad scientists that created him, and little Marae was a darling butterfly/ladybug.  Boone's costume was a hit!!

At first when I was getting Marae dressed Boone was mad that he couldn't be a butterfly for Halloween.  He was actually crying and throwing a fit saying, "Butterfly!  Me!!  Butterfly wings!!"  So there Boonie.  It's documented.  You wanted to be a butterfly for Halloween.  Trust me, you bo-bot costume was much cooler.

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