Monday, November 5, 2012

Marae - 2 Months

2 month stats:
11.3 pounds - 50th Percentile
23 inches - 75th Percentile
15 inches Head Circumference - 25th Percentile

My little darling is growing so fast!

Fun facts about Marae:
  • She's been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks.  I'm talking 9:30 to 5:30.  Marae, you have no idea how much this means to me.  Heavenly Father knew I wouldn't survive the days if I didn't get my sleep.
  • She coos and talks now and it just melts my heart.  It sounds like she's saying, "Hi" with her little raspy voice.  She's so soft and gentle when she talks.
  • She smiles when you talk to her and wiggle, wiggle, wiggles.
  • Her favorite toy is her binkie.  The way she plays with it reminds me of a french woman with a cigarette.  She'll dangle it out of her mouth and then whip it back in ferociously.  She'll spit it out only to want it back in.  She'll have it hanging half out, but in full control.  It makes me laugh.
  • She got her shots last week and it broke my heart.  It's always so sad.
  • I've washed 'stains' out of more clothes with this little lady.  My goodness Marae.  It's every other day with you, darling.  Geez.  Although I have become a pro at it.
  • I love her smell and the feel of her soft cheek against mine.
  • Right before she smiles she gets little kitty whisker dimples on her upper lip.
  • Her nicknames are: Ray-bee Baby, Sweet Baby Rae, and Ray-Bee-Doo

I had her like this one afternoon to see if Boone would notice.  She was like this for about a half hour.  He had no clue until she made a peep.  Perfect fit!

I love you my darling and am so happy you are mine!  There is just something so sweet about a baby girl.

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Jennifer said...

She's so beautiful!!!!