Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Night

Monday night we carved pumpkins while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Boone has been loving all the Halloween things and says things like, "Dark.  Scary.  Skeleton."  He loved watching the movie but didn't want much to do with putting his hands in the pumpkin.  I had him in his undies for no reason!  He told me how to carve his pumpkin.  He told me to do square eyes, triangle nose, and a happy mouth with teeth.  :)

Watching the movie while mommy and daddy carve.

This is what she looks like pretty much anytime her smothering loving older brother is around.  Although he can't be blamed here.  I'm the one to blame.  Baby in a pumpkin?  Of course.
Some might call it abuse.  I think it's cute.
Last night for Halloween Boone had fun handing out candy and looking at all the costumes.  We did a couple Halloween crafts and read Halloween books all day.  He helped me set up for Halloween and create our little ghost in the front yard (see below).  Mason took him trick or treating first and then I took him out.  We went to two haunted houses (set up in driveways) - one was pretty intense and included a chainsaw killer with body parts on a table.  All this was just set up in someone's walkway to their house.  I didn't think it was going to be that scary until we got up there!  But it didn't seem to faze Boone.  He just kept an eye out for skeletons.  Those are his favorites.

One kid walking by thought he was a microwave.  Ha!  Here is our little ghost in our front yard.  He looked better in the dark glowing.  Boone liked him. 

The levels on his meter that Mason created the names for were Tranquilized, Passed Out, Asleep, Napping, Low Battery, Normal Function, Frenzied, Hyperactive, Insano, Ballistic, FREAK of Nature!!
I just love this picture (even though it's blurry) and how little that darling robot looks.  I forget how little he really is until I get him around other kids.  Everyone was just oooing and ahhing over the darling little robot.
By the end of the night we cut out the entire back so he could sit down in his wagon.  When I had him out trick or treating and HE decided he was done he took off his costume, put it in the wagon along with his bucket, and pulled the wagon home himself.  Love that little boy.
Here is is this morning checking out his loot.  Notice all the chocolate is missing?  Oops.

Happy Halloween!!


Kimmy said...

Love your family! Amazing to think that 3 years ago we were having a murder mystery party at your house in Highland and look at how we've grown since! Miss you!

Nicole said...

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that baby in a pumpkin pic! Awesome!