Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mason's Birthday - Pinetop

My Mace had a birthday!!  I sure do love this guy and how great of a daddy he is.

Baby Marae is inspired by his hair and stares at it all the time.  Someday she hopes her hair is as gorgeous as his.  I think she's well on her way.

Baby pyro?
We celebrated Mason's birthday the day after the actual day by going up to Pinetop for a little getaway. I'd been telling Mason how beautiful it was up there.  We stayed at the Roundhouse Resort, had a nice dinner (where I don't believe we were both ever sitting at the table at the same time... one or the other of us was up bouncing Marae in the next room - but still), and went on a gorgeous hike.  It was really nice and relaxing.  Boone stayed home with my parents because had a cold and we didn't want him getting worse or getting the baby sick (it happened anyway).

We hiked the Rim Trail close to sunset.  I truly want to live somewhere I can go on hikes year round.  I just love it.  Marae enjoyed the fresh mountain air and the scent of daddy's chest.

We passed an old hiker and asked him to take our picture on my phone....  there were 4 taken, but these are the best 2.  My bad. 

We sat on these rocks for a while and watched the sunset.  It was beautiful.

I couldn't tell how any of these pictures were coming out on my phone because the sun was so bright.  But I wanted to catch these moments and remember them always.  They just looked so sweet. 

I especially loved this moment.

We also went up to Flagstaff and a couple other cities up north to see if we would be interested in living there.  We loved Flagstaff.  It's so beautiful there.  I sure do wonder where we will end up...

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Kara Miller said...

You wanna know where you can hike year-round? :)