Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting to Know Marae

My sweet baby Rae is getting so big so fast!  Her little personality is beginning to come out and just last week she gave us her first smile.  Here are a few random shots of Little Marae.

Playing with  Boonie.

I caught a couple mini smiles on camera today.  She's only given us one gigantic gummy smile and that was in the bath on Monday.  I keep hoping I'll see another one soon.  Her favorite place to give out smiles is on the changing table looking up at the flowers I made her.  I just loved her expression in all of these!!

This one was from a couple weeks ago.  She's already changed since then!!

Mason wanted to capture her little old Grandma buns to embarrass her with later. 
She's already furious about it.
We love you Marae!!

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