Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boone's 2nd Birthday!!

Happy 2nd Birthday my darling Boonie boy!!
Stats: 27 lbs - 50th percentile
33 inches - 85th percentile

I can't believe you are two years old Boonie.  I love you so much.  You are my whole world and the best thing about it.  You are such a sweet little boy who loves his family so much.  I'm thankful for your personality and energy.  Some days I wish I had even half your energy!  I love that you blow random kisses to me and daddy.  I love that you shrug your shoulders all the time now.  I love that you are my little man.  Please don't grow up too fast.  Please always be my little buddy.

For Boonie's birthday I wanted to make him feel extra special being there has been so much attention on Marae.  Mason had a meeting at school that morning (Saturday) so my parents came up and we took him to an indoor playground where he had tons of fun.

Marae's first outing besides the doctor's office.  I think she enjoyed herself.

That afternoon after a much needed naptime everyone came over to celebrate.  Mason had brought home a monkey pinata.  I think Boonie was a little confused as to why we were hitting it with a bat being we're always telling him to not hit things, but he gladly went along with it anyway.

Action shot!  Watch out Darci!

This is Eric's new girlfriend - Arika.  Eric and Arika, how cute.

It was a tough pinata.  Mason finally broke it and Boonie finished it off.

Marae cheered in her sleep.

I told Darci to smile.  This is the face she gave me.  LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday Boonie!!  You are so loved!!!!

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Stephanie Saunders said...

I always LOVE to see the posts that you do when there are pictures of your dad! I think it's so cute seeing him with grandkids!