Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Last Hoorah

I wanted to have a couple last special mommy and Boonie times before the baby came.  I'm so thankful that I was able to.  I look back and it brings tears to my eyes.  He went from being my baby to being my little boy over night.  He grew up and became a big brother last week.

We went down to Casa Grande Monday the 27th to swim and stay the night at Grandma's.

He went through a phase where he insisted on wearing his 3 sizes too big dragon rain boots everywhere he went.  This was as he was going outside to help Grandma feed the turtles.  I love your style Boonie bug.
That Thursday the 30th we went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.  I had taken Boonie when he was barely a year old.  He loved it so much more this time!  That place is so much fun!!  I loved watching him do everything.  His favorites were the noodle forest, the bikes, and the ball room (of course).

Loading up his cart at the grocery store.
Yup, Darci came too.
I just love these 3 pictures of us in the noodle forest (even though the quality is bad).  I got out my phone to take a picture and he threw his arms around me giving me the biggest hug.  He's never done that before.  It's like he knew.  You'll always be my baby, Boonie.

So remember I was convinced that I wanted to have the baby in August.  Well Friday, August 31st came - our last chance.  I didn't really think it was going to happen and had prepared myself mentally to wait it out until Sept. 13th.  That morning Mason texted me about the 'blue moon' that was happening that night.  A blue moon is what it's called when there are two full moons in one month.  It's a rare occasion when it does happen.  Supposedly it is still in question whether more babies are born on full moons because of the gravitational pull of the tides, but Boone was born on a full moon so here was my chance!!  Both times with my babies the nurses have said it was extra busy that night because of the full moon.  They also told me that more nurses are scheduled when there are full moons for that reason.  Hmm...

Mason also said that he was staying until 10 pm that night at school to get all his substitute lesson plans in order for the next two weeks just in case we had the baby over the 3 day weekend.  I was feeling a little bad because he was putting so much work into lesson planning.  I wanted that baby to come so that he wouldn't have to redo all that work in 2 weeks when the baby actually did come.  He must have had father's intuition on that one. That night as I was waiting for him to come home I walked a mile on the treadmill at a pretty fast pace for a pregnant lady.  I also bounced on the yoga ball a friend had lent me.  I pretty much did everything I could and then gave up and left it to the tides.  :)

That night Boonie and I went out to watch the blue moon rise.  Boonie loves finding the moon (or boone as he calls it).  We walked around picking up sticks and looking at the moon for a little while.  Do you think he knew his little sister was coming?

Yes this is how I took him out.  Be glad there are no pictures of me.

The last picture of Little Boonie Lefler as an only child.
Every once in a blue moon a baby is born...

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