Friday, September 28, 2012

Marae Meets Great Grandma

Last week my mom brought my Grandma over to our house.  Grandma doesn't go out much anymore so we had a nice lunch and spent some time together.  Of course she got some GREAT newborn snuggle time.  I'm thankful that my Grandma was able to meet Marae.  I think it was so special to have the 4 generations of us girls there.  Life is such a gift and so amazing.  Can you imagine holding your great grandbaby??  That's why I love and cherish this picture below:

The rest of these photos are just a few random ones: 

Hello little girl!!  I call her little bird sometimes because I think that's what she looks like with her mouth open looking for food.  :)

Must get baby prints!!
I took this one night because it looked like Blue Bear was giving Boonie a hug or looking over his shoulder in protection.  I love those two.

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xantogal said...

I love that you got pictures of Marae with her Great Grandma! I have pictures of me with my great grandma and I treasure every one of them!!