Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coming Home

We came home Monday and started to ease back in to life.  I felt so good after this delivery that I think I over did things the first two days and regretted that the following 3.  But it was nice to be home and start adjusting with Boonie.
Clearly we are all in need of a good shower.
This little darling has been such an easy baby!!  All she does it SLEEP!  Boonie was not a sleepy newborn and never fell asleep on me ever!!  He fell asleep on Mason 3 times only because of utter exhaustion and desperation.  So having a cuddly baby is just delightful.  But seriously... all she does it sleep!!  You forget what newborns are like!  The only problem with that is getting her to eat when she's just so tired.  But we manage, although feedings take quite an amount of time.  The only time that's frustrating is at 2 am.  It will be interesting to see what it's like this week now that Mason is going back to school.  My mom is coming up tomorrow for 3 days, but when I am left on my own with Boonie I think it's going to be a little hard getting use to at first.

Here are some pictures of sleeping beauty:

At her first doctor visit.
Sleeping like a diva.
Delighted that she is sleeping on me.
I have a hard time resisting taking pictures of each new outfit she's in because they are so cute.  This outfit I failed at resisting.
Being little is exhausting.
I wanted to remember her sleeping this way in her crib.  It's hard to imagine they fit in there from side to side like this when they get bigger.
She has already inherited the nickname "Lazy Daisy."  I love my Lazy Daisy.
First sponge bath
She didn't even make a peep the whole time.  I think she liked it!
Boonie loves holding his baby sister.  He will ask to hold her sometimes, especially when we were bottle feeding her until my milk came in (it took 6 days - that's a long time to starve a baby - I honestly think this is why those first 6 days with Boonie were so hard!!  I didn't supplement and he was starving).  He loved to help hold the bottle.  He will give her random kisses and rubs his cheek against her face just like we do.  It is so precious to watch.  He's a good big brother.

I will admit that it hasn't been a piece of cake adjusting with Boonie.  Luckily he loves his baby sister and is gentle (enough) with her, although I still never turn my back on him alone.  Those dinosaurs dancing on her head could very easily turn violent as dinosaurs are prone to do.  The hardest adjustment for Boone has been not having our undivided attention all day long anymore.  Plus I think we may be being harder on him now being he seems older.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is not even 2 yet!!  I think it will be a good thing for Mason to go back to school and for us all to get back into a routine as hard as that will be for me.  I keep telling Mason that this too shall pass - this Boonie, too, shall pass as much as I love him.  I just hate feeling like I am telling him no or to go play all day long.


Kimmy said...

Reminds me so much of Morgan! All she wanted to do was sleep. We had to put cold washcloths on her to keep her awake long enough to eat! I hated that part! Good luck this week!

xantogal said...

I really miss you guys! Good job to Boonie for being an awesome big brother :)