Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 2 Happenings...

Week two started out great.  I went out to lunch with my old Ridgeline crew while Boonie, and Mason went with everyone to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake to look at the dinosaurs.

I love and miss all these gals SO MUCH!!!!  There's Kim Powell and Morgan, Jacquie Johnson, Elaine Marshall, Kristina Chidister, and Marianne Longenecker with Knight.

Mason said that the museum was a little over Boonie's head.  He liked the dinosaurs that still had skin on, but didn't quite get the whole bones thing.  But they still had a good day - I think.

Estelle and Iris
Picnic lunch afterwards

Tuesday we drove up to visit Mason's tree and see how it was faring so close to where the fire was.  Here are also some pictures of the aftermath from the fire.  It actually doesn't look too bad.

It's getting bigger!! 
When we walked through this grove of trees Boonie kept saying, "Wow!!  Wow!!"  Poor Arizona boy.  All he knows is dirt and sticks.
Wednesday I met up with Ashley and Tae.  Boonie and Tae finally got along once we got them out of each other's territories and into the water.  I never got a good shot of them together though.  Busy little bees.  :) 

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