Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Traveling to Utah - Las Vegas!!

We just got back from our trip to Utah late Sunday night and we had a blast!!  I have so much to catch up on!  Also, both Mason and I are now proud iphone owners so a bunch of these photos are us experimenting with our fun new toys.  

We drove halfway to Vegas Sunday night the 1st which was the perfect way to break up the trip.  On the way home we drove all 11 1/2 hours and that wasn't such a good idea for our poor little man and my pregnant belly.  But atleast we started the trip off nice.  I had bought 3 of those vouchers we used for our anniversary so it was an awesome deal with dinner included and a nice room.

Here we go!!

We started off with dinner at the Paris buffet.  Boonie was amazed at all the sights!!

We didn't do much sight seeing.  We took Boonie out in front of our hotel to the Balliago to watch the fountains.  On the way there there was a transformer Robot street performer that Boonie was obsessed with!!  At first he just looked at him and kept saying "Bo-bot".  After we walked away from the 'bobot' to go watch the fountains that is all he talked about for the next hour.  He kept saying, "Bobot?  Bobot?!" and looking around frantically for it.  Well as we went back to our hotel the bobot was still out and I decided to (pay the dollar) and let Boonie go up and meet the bobot.  The bobot beckoned Boonie over and Boonie bolted in the opposite direction.  I think he was a little terrified of the bobot.  We got a cute video of it, but no pictures.

Boonie did amazingly well in the hotel with us.  We were on the 21st floor that overlooked half of the strip and half of a hotel that was being redone.  There were cranes and tractors and even a monorail train right outside our window.  As if the Las Vegas sights weren't enough - this kid was in heaven!!  He stood by the window until bedtime letting us know every time a train, bus, or fire truck went by.  I kept having fears that the window was going to give way and he was going to go plummeting down, but he seemed to have no fear of the height at all!!  

He went right to sleep in his crib after we explained that we were sleeping in our beds and that was his bed.  He didn't even make a peep the entire night!!  I can't believe how he's growing and learning so much! 

Next stop... Alpine!

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