Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Alpine "Quail Fire"

Tuesday, the day after we got there, I went out to lunch with my dear friend Klara (who is going to send me the picture of us) and as we were going back to her place to hang out she got a call from her sister asking if we were okay up there in Alpine.  We weren't sure what she was referring to, but then we heard the sirens.  A tractor building houses had sparked and ignited a fire that quickly climbed up the mountain and burned for days.  It was crazy how fast the fire spread due the to dry winter and lack of rain that summer.  It was heart breaking watching that mountain that we love so much burn.  Mason was really upset about it.

This picture was taken about 30 minutes after it had started.  We were still hopeful that it wouldn't climb to the top, but it did and spread 3 mountain tops over.  It's crazy what damage one little spark caused. 

Mason and I went for a walk that evening to see how far it had spread.
This picture was going around Facebook.  This was a view from the Draper temple.  Crazy huh!?

The next morning (the 4th).

It was pretty exciting for a while there.  There were about 7 helicopters that kept flying over our house and Boonie was in heaven.  He quickly learned how to say helicopter and loved watching them fly over all day.

Dar i dar ter!!

After the 3rd day of the fire it rained and put out most of the fire.  I can't tell you how many people were relieved.  This was right after the rain:

Luckily the mountain doesn't look as scorched as it really is.  I bet with time though we will really be able to see the damage.  The green hills are now brown, but it's still beautiful.  The fire burnt over to the tip of the left peak in the picture above.

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