Monday, July 2, 2012

Meanwhile.... at Grandma's...

Meanwhile Boonie had a fabulous time at Grandma's playing with the turtles, swimming, shopping, and basically being spoiled rotten and having undivided attention.  That's what Grandparents are for!!

My mom turned around and saw this one afternoon after playing in the sprinklers.  For some reason I feel like this is what he's going to look like when he's 16.  I'll still love you Boonie the brut.

Even though we had a fabulous time, we were still so excited and anxious to get home and see Boonie.  That was the longest we'd ever left him!!  Although I'm thinking the time between talking to my mom during the days was never longer than 5 hours.  But that's okay.  :)

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xantogal said...

First comment!! :D It was good seeing you when you were in UT. Boone is getting so big and I can't wait to come visit you again! Loves! XOXO