Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lefler Family Reunion 2012

Thursday we all went to Reed Lefler's wedding up in Bountiful and then the following day was the reunion.  I didn't get too many pictures and the big group photos will be in another post.

Boone and Iris.
The adults played ultimate fisbee.  Thankfully I'm pregnant and had an excuse not to play.  Mason always insists that i play and those games are WAY too intense - plus I'm no good!!
Boonie still didn't feel good, but not feeling good didn't slow him down one bit.  There were too many rivers to play in and kids to follow.  I was worried he was going to get REALLY sick if he didn't get a good nights sleep.  Plus we were staying in a tent that night for the first time without him being in a pack and play/crib.

Sportin' his Woodland shirt in Woodland that Grandma Elizabeth gave him.

So as I mentioned above we were pretty much expecting not to get any sleep that night being Boonie was going to be sleeping in the tent with us uncontained.  Surprisingly he went to sleep in about ten minutes with us both in there!!  He crawled around a little bit and fussed a little bit and tried to play a little bit but once he realized it was bedtime he just laid right down and went to sleep.  He only woke up once, but then fell right back to sleep.  It was kinda fun camping with Boonie.  The only thing was that he woke up at 5:30 ready to go.  I was asleep and closest to him and he came over to my face and gave me 3 kisses to wake me up and then proceeded to cough his flemy cough right in my face, but the kisses were so sweet.  Mason was sweet and got up with him and who knows what they did that morning while I went back to sleep.  I just love this picture below of my two tired camping boys putting on their shoes to go find some 'buh'.

So Mason and Boonie hung out until around 7:30 and then I took Boonie and Mason took a nap in the tent.  Well right before breakfast at 8:30 Boonie had a Level 3 meltdown.  I'm talking inconsolable screams and cries while throwing himself in every direction at once.  So I waddled over to the tent trying to carry him to get Mason to help and here he is collapsed outside the tent dying.

We decided the only want to get him to calm down and take a nap (which is what he desperately needed) was to go for a ride in the car.  So Mason went to breakfast to fix us two plates and I put Boonie in his carseat and turned on the car.  I ran back to the tent to get his shoes just in case he wanted to get out and by the time I got back to the car Boonie was dead asleep.  So I just parked under a tree with the windows open.  Boonie slept for 4 hours!!!!  The poor exhausted kid.  Too much excitement for one little guy.

After his nap he was in a much better mood and ready for family pictures!

And that's it!  I can't believe I didn't even get any with Grandma Elizabeth!!  I'm slipping up.

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