Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When we arrived in Alpine Monday afternoon everyone was over at Mason's parents for a welcoming BBQ.  Here are all the cousins minus 1 - Monet.  She was visiting her grandparents in California.  We were hoping to get one last shot of all the grandkids once Monet got back, but everyone got sick and it ended up not happening.  This is the best we got - faces covered and all!!
Back: Sydney - 13, Zack - 9, Gabe - 11, Lyla - 4, Seth (Wolfie) - 7
Middle: Robert Jr. (Roo) - 10 months, Sistine - 1, Iris - 4, Scotty - 8 months, Avery - 6, Estelle - 6
Front: Gracie - 2, Boone - 1
Meanwhile the boys stayed downstairs playing the wii.
During the BBQ all the girls ran in and got their makeup done by Sydney.  They all came out with the silliest shy faces on showing their makeup.  Cute little girls.

Please meet Sistene.  Sistene is Danielle's youngest daughter who just turned 13 months aka Boone's arch nemesis:

I had to laugh at the picture above!!!  That was after she had just gotten done eating a pile of dirt from the plant that she dumped all over the living room floor.  This cute little thing (even though the picture isn't very flattering) was what Mason called the Parisian disease.  When they arrived from Paris she had pink eye and a horrible cough and she managed to give to every child in the family and a bunch of the adults.  Mason, Boonie, Dani, and his mom got it - somehow I got away scotch free!!  This little girl also managed to bite Boonie on the cheek leaving a perfect circle of a bruise.  These two were always squawking and yelling at each other.  I bet they'll get along much better when we see these girls again in two years.

Below is Sistene's oldest sister Estelle who was Boone's buddy the entire two weeks.  These two got along so well and played all day long.  It had to be because she was so patient and loved him to death.  It was so fun watching him with a little friend.

Boone and Zack reading:

I had to include this picture because this is what Mason and Dani do every time they see their dad.  Tom would kill me if he knew this was on here, but what he doesn't know will be captured in our family history forever.

Supposedly (I've never seen it - Laura took this picture) Tom has this thing on his back that Dani and Mason (who both have the picking other peoples zits disease) insist on popping every time they see him.  The way they carry on about what is coming out... it sounds pretty gross.  They are so weird.  But now it is documented.

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