Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Boy Bed & Others

So I kinda have a lot of things on my mind so this post is going to be totally random with pictures scattered in between.
  • There is some guy in Arizona running for Senate and his name is Bryan Hackbarth.  Is that or is that not one of the worst last names you've ever heard?  Every time I see one of his signs I have to laugh... I'll vote for anyone who grew up being teased about the name HackBARF.
  • There is a storm rolling in and I swear our house is under a black hole and we never get any rain... EVER.  I keep checking outside... but there is still not a drop - but those clouds look dark!!  I'm crossing my fingers.  I love rain.
  • We've been cleaning out our house and selling things on Craigslist and it feels so good.
  • We've also been buying things on Craigslist for a preschool that I'm going to open out of our living room in January and I've realized that I am terrified to ask people for a lower price than what they have listed.
  • My son is a wild thing and exhausting but hilarious at the same time.  I think he's going to kill me.
  • The Olympics started yesterday and Mason's pretty excited about that.  He also wants to cancel the tv starting August 11th to see if he (I never watch it anyway) can live without it.  We'll see how that goes... that's the start of football season too...
  • I'm excited to have this baby.  I've gotten my first stretch mark ever on my stomach and my heart cried a little bit.  I didn't get any with Boonie yet I'm ten pounds lighter with this one than I was with Boonie.  I guess my skin is just tired - come to think of it... so am I.
  • We still don't have a name picked out for our baby girl.  We thought we were going to name her Autumn but that has changed.  We honestly have no idea what we are going to name her.

Boone trying on Kyle's old knight toys.
  •  Mason has been going back to school this week for meetings for his new 'flip the classroom' thing that they are doing and he loves it.
  • He rode his bike to school on Wednesday on the canal trails.  I was worried about him and honestly thought he was a little crazy.  That's a 14 mile ride.  It's not so bad going there in the morning, but in 113 degree weather on the way home... thank goodness for the iphone app 'finding friends' where I can watch his every move.  When the little dot stopped traveling for a while there I called him to see what had happened and he said he was just taking a break.  But still!!  I think he's going to try and do it a couple times a week during the school year.  Impressive!!  Plus it takes him about as a long to get there as it does driving through all the traffic!
  • Boonie has been in his 'big boy bed' for a little over a week now.  He has adjusted pretty well and has been going to sleep in it ever since the second night!  He catches on quick.  The only thing is that he wakes up WAY TOO EARLY now.  He wakes up around 6 (sometimes 5:30) ever day.  The thing is, is that he really needs his sleep.  He's been pretty fussy lately because he's so tired.  We are still working on having him go back to sleep when he wakes up.  His naps are pretty short now too.  We ordered one of those clocks that changes colors when he's allowed to get up but it hasn't arrived yet.  So I'm hoping that will work for him.
  • We've also started saying prayers with Boonie kneeling by his bed and they are the sweetest thing.  We will say a sentence and he will repeat the words he knows.  They sound like this... "Dear Heavenly Father.  Thank you for this day (day).  Thank you for the food (food).  Thank you for milk (buh - his way of saying milk).  Thank you for Mommy (mommy).  Etc.  They are so precious.

Excited about his new bed. 

This is where we found him the first night.

  •  Boone is obsessed with robots and talks about them frequently.  Mason showed him a video on the computer of robots so now Boonie asks to go in and watch the 'bobots dancing' all the time now.  It's so funny what gets stuck in this kids head.  
  • We've been on the lookout for big boy toys and scored a huge bucket of mega blocks at Goodwill that Boonie loves to play with.  Mason built him a lego bobot the same size as he was. He was in little boy heaven.  Now every time we play with the blocks he asks you to make a bobot.

  •  The other day during a promising storm (that never happened) it was really windy so we went outside and flew kites.  Boonie loved it but also loved letting go of the kite.  The first time he let it go we were able to catch it as it got hung up in a nearby tree.  But the second time sadly his Winnie the Pooh kite flew over our house and to who knows where.  But atleast we got to enjoy it for about 30 minutes.  It was only one of those dollar ones from Walmart.  Silly little boy.

I now his hair is wild but I can't bring myself to cut it.

32 weeks pregnant.

  • I suppose that's all for now.  I feel like most of the things I want to say have to do with being pregnant so maybe I'll just do a pregnancy post later.  Tah-tah!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Utah wrap up

Alright so this will be the last Utah post and then I'm caught up!

Doin' what boys do.

One day I took Boonie up the canyon to go on a walk at Tibble Fork.  I love that place.  We had a nice time except I forgot that how far you walk in is how far you have to walk out and Boonie didn't want to walk out... I had to carry him.  I thought for sure I'd go into labor.  Unfortunately I didn't.

My camera was on some funky setting!

The day before we left we had a BBQ with a bunch of Mason's friends and their kiddos.  It was fun to see everyone together.
Blake and Jackson, Chad, Teresa and their twins.
Chris's girls with Dani's girls: Simone, Iris, Este, and Estelle

The next day we packed up and drove the 11.5 hour drive home.  It was ok... but I wouldn't recommend it with an almost 2 year old and a preggo.

Brace yourself Boonie... it's going to be a long ride.

Family Pictures

The Slip and Slide

The pictures say it all.

Kinda makes you wanna go down, huh!?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 2 Happenings...

Week two started out great.  I went out to lunch with my old Ridgeline crew while Boonie, and Mason went with everyone to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake to look at the dinosaurs.

I love and miss all these gals SO MUCH!!!!  There's Kim Powell and Morgan, Jacquie Johnson, Elaine Marshall, Kristina Chidister, and Marianne Longenecker with Knight.

Mason said that the museum was a little over Boonie's head.  He liked the dinosaurs that still had skin on, but didn't quite get the whole bones thing.  But they still had a good day - I think.

Estelle and Iris
Picnic lunch afterwards

Tuesday we drove up to visit Mason's tree and see how it was faring so close to where the fire was.  Here are also some pictures of the aftermath from the fire.  It actually doesn't look too bad.

It's getting bigger!! 
When we walked through this grove of trees Boonie kept saying, "Wow!!  Wow!!"  Poor Arizona boy.  All he knows is dirt and sticks.
Wednesday I met up with Ashley and Tae.  Boonie and Tae finally got along once we got them out of each other's territories and into the water.  I never got a good shot of them together though.  Busy little bees.  :)