Thursday, June 28, 2012

Houseboat Randoms

I got these photos off Kyle and Stacey's phones the other day.  They didn't make it into the house boat photos, but they were too good to leave out!

Boone's bus 'accidently' drove over the side of the boat.  Luckily Uncle Ryan was there to save the day!!

This was Mason's bed up on top of the houseboat under a ledge to keep out the wind.  He went up there the first night after it was dark.  When he woke up in them morning he woke up to a bunch of friendly spiders in his face - YUCK!  The next night he slept under the stars.

This night we watched Goblins - Weirdest movie ever.

Here Boone and Darci are giving a tour and you can just see the guilt on my son's face as he touches the electrical outlet.  Naughty thing.

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