Friday, June 8, 2012

Lake Powell - Day 1

For our 'family reunion' this summer we all went up to Lake Powell and rented a house boat for a couple of days.  This was something we'd never done before and we had a great time!  It was like luxury camping.  We drove up to Page Saturday the 26th because we were due to pick up the boat the following morning (after church) at 10:00.  That way we didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn and drive for 5 hours.  We stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam and met Ryan that Saturday.

Sunday Kyle was the captain.  Darci helped too.

My little sailor.  

I love this picture of my boys.  I'll tell you, Boonie LOVED pushing all those buttons and flipping levers the whole time.  If ever you heard a random boat horn - compliments of Boone Lefler.

We found a great place to stay that was up against a canyon wall with a beach.  It was great!  Once we found the perfect place to land Mason and I went on a walk.

Everyone else went for a walk - without us.  But atleast they took my son.

Boonie getting to know his new Aunt Stacey.

Mason and I found these rocks on our hike.  There's a heart, Mario Kart flag, t-shirt and a  fish.   I guess we are easily amused.

Darci eating playing in the dirt.


Eric went fishing and caught two fish.

Cleaning the fish.

The view from our boat - including the little indian man sitting on the rock.

Eric cooking his prized fish!

We had a great first day!  Surprisingly Boone slept through the night every night we were on the boat!  That's probably because when we were in the hotel the night before he was up for an hour crying (sorry Kyle, Stacey, and Darci) so hopefully he figured out we were on vacation and just slept.

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