Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our 5 Year Anniversary - Las Vegas!!

I can not believe that it has been 5 years since Mason and I have been married.  It honestly feels like yesterday.  We have come so far in our relationship.  As I've mentioned before my mom likes to follow the tradition of giving us a gift with the corresponding symbol for that number of year.  This year it was wood.  She gave us each a set of chopsticks with our names and anniversary date carved in.

The symbol of the fifth anniversary is wood representing strength and a solidified relationship.

I feel as though wood is a good representation of our relationship at this time.  Our relationship has changed over the year and has really solidified as Boone has been growing up and Mason's job has been stressful.  I feel as though we've really grow together and become each other's support system.  I'm lucky to have him as a best friend.  He is such a good guy and I know he loves me.  For that, I'm thankful.

A couple months back I found this amazing deal where you get a nights stay at Bally's in Las Vegas plus two dinner buffet passes to 3 buffets of your choice for $50.  Talk about a steal!  So I bought two of those for us to use on our anniversary being I feel like the 5th one is a big deal.  

When we arrived Mason dropped me off to check in and I went to the front desk while he parked.  I was talking to the lady and asked her how much the suites were that had the hot tubs in them.  She said they would be about $60 more dollars and so I told her not to worry about it.  She then asked if it was our babymoon and I said yes - it kinda was.  She then said, "I'll just give you the suite anyway."  AWESOME!!!  We totally got upgraded to this amazing jacuzzi tub suite for free including a view of the strip!!  I surprised Mason with it once we got up there.  It was GORGEOUS and we loved it!!!  Check it out!

This tub was AMAZING.  The first night we were there at like 1:30 am Mason wanted to stay out and gamble a little bit so I went back up to the room and read a book in the jacuzzi.  Talk about a relaxing vacation!!!  I was in heaven and let me tell you few things keep me up past my 10:00 pm bedtime!

The first night we went over to Fremont Street for the Fremont Street Experience that we had been hearing about.  It's old town Las Vegas but with all kinds of cool stuff!  They had a screen/dome/I have no idea how to explain it that went down the entire street and every hour on the hour it would explode with lights and rock songs and videos.  It was so cool!

We were laughing at the hippies laying down tripping out to Van Halen. 
This artist was carving this man's face out of clay.  Impressive!!

They had this restaurant called The Heart Attack Grill where if you weighed over 350 lbs  you got to eat there free!!  They had a scale outside for you to weigh yourself on.  When we first walked by there was a guy on there who honestly weighed 348 lbs - just two pounds off!!  I can't believe he didn't stuff things in his pocket and go in and get a burger!  Haha.  But the menu was disgusting.  The names of the burgers were Single Bypass Burger 1/2 pound, Double Bypass Burger 1 pound, and add flatliner fries to it along with a butterfat shake and I'd say you mine as well be dead.  Anyway... to get in on the fun we weighed ourselves.
Needless to say we were both pretty far off.  I blotted out Mason's weight just in case he doesn't want the world seeing it - even though there are only like 4 of you who look at this anymore anyway. 
Come on!!  Getting close aren't I!!?!?

The next day Mason really wanted to go to the Price is Right  so we bought tickets to the price is right hoping that we would get called on as contestants out of the 600+ people there. They did the show as you normally see it on tv, but instead 1 contestant staying on, spinning the wheel, and perhaps going to the showcase they just called different names so more people could win.  Before the show each person who bought a ticket met the producer for like 1 minute and then the producer hand selected the winners.  We felt pretty confident that the pregnant lady was going to get on... but there was no telling for sure.

Well when they brought the wheel out Mason turned to me and said, they are going call you - get ready! He was right!! They said my name and I felt like I'd just won the lottery!! I ran on stage and they called two other men up behind me. The host was Drew Lachey (he's a shrimpy man!!). I got to spin first. The person who spun closest to a dollar won $250 and if you landed on the dollar you got $100 extra bonus dollars. So I go up and spin... the wheel goes around once, and then comes up on going around twice then and stops ON THE DOLLAR!!! If you've seen the show you KNOW this never happens!! I went crazy, the crowd went crazy, and I almost peed my pregnant pants. I wanted that money!!

Well the guy behind me gets up to spin. And guess the $(*&^% what.... he spins a dollar TOO!!!! Drew Lechay didn't quite know what to do - I guess that's never happened before when he was hosting. So we both stood under the dollar while the 3rd person spun. Thankfullly he was under a dollar and they decided to do a spinoff. I went first and rolled .75 cents. Not too bad. He went and rolled .80 cents "smashing me dreams twice" as the host called it. Haha!

It was CRAZY and so fun at the same time!! Atleast they gave me my $100 but that other guy robbed me of my other $250!!! Rude!!! He did keep apologizing though - plus I got an awesome story to tell!!

Here is Andrew - the man that stole my money and I after the show collecting our winnings!!

That night we bought tickets to go see Penn and Teller.  They are magicians that perform at the Rio where we used our buffet pass for the most spectacular buffet I've ever been to in my whole entire life - coming from a family of buffet connoisseurs that says a lot.  :)  Anyway...  we had watched celebrity apprentice this year and Penn (the big/main guy) was on it so we were excited to see him after watching him all season.  We felt like we knew him on a personal level - haha... I'm sure everyone else in the room did too.  They were so fun to watch!  I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to see them live!  So fun!!

Here is Mason before the show checking out the box to make sure there are no secret doors or hidden ways for Teller to get in.  Somehow he still appeared in the box after the show had started without the box ever leaving the stage!!

Afterwards we got our picture with Penn.  He said, "Hey Boss" to everyone he met.  We thought that was funny.

We had a wonderful and relaxing vacation.  I think it's important for couples to do things together without their kids sometimes to really remember each other and do adult things.  Like I said, we (meaning I) NEVER would have stayed up past 10:00 had we had a little boy to chase after the next day.  But instead we slept in until 9:30 and felt like we were living/sleeping/eating like kings.  It was a great vacation.  I love you Mason Lefler!!

To the next 5 years!!!!

Father's Day 2012

The Friday before Father's Day we went down to Casa Grande to have a swimming party and spend time with my dad.  It was perfect weather and only made me wish we had a swimming pool even more!!  Boone loved swimming and we all had a great day.

Beached whale.

Proof that my mom was there.

This was my gift to my dad.  He doesn't ever need anything so I made him a cake.  It was delicious and I know it's the way to his heart.

I'm so thankful for my wonderful father and the wonderful father that Mason is to Boone.  I am so blessed to have such good men in my life.

Houseboat Randoms

I got these photos off Kyle and Stacey's phones the other day.  They didn't make it into the house boat photos, but they were too good to leave out!

Boone's bus 'accidently' drove over the side of the boat.  Luckily Uncle Ryan was there to save the day!!

This was Mason's bed up on top of the houseboat under a ledge to keep out the wind.  He went up there the first night after it was dark.  When he woke up in them morning he woke up to a bunch of friendly spiders in his face - YUCK!  The next night he slept under the stars.

This night we watched Goblins - Weirdest movie ever.

Here Boone and Darci are giving a tour and you can just see the guilt on my son's face as he touches the electrical outlet.  Naughty thing.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Guinness Book of World Record

Wednesday night at 9:50 pm before I was about to go to bed I checked my email one last time and decided to take a look at a couponing blog that I follow.  On the blog they had posted about "The Worlds Largest Swimming Lesson Attempt" that would take place in the morning at 7:00 am at Big Surf here in Phoenix.  It actually took place all over the world and Big Surf was just participating in it.  So I called up Kyle and Stacey (Mason already had plans) and we all decided that we would get up at 5:45 am to make it there by 7:00 am to get in free for the whole day.  I haven't gotten up that early in a LONG time.  But it was well worth it and we had tons of fun!!

Here is what Big Surf had to say (on Facebook) after the event:  
We'd like to offer a huge thank you to the 480 swimmers that participated in today's The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson at Big Surf AZ. What an awesome turnout! We know that the World Waterpark Association is tallying the results of all of the host sites to see if, indeed, a Guinness World Records was set and we'll be sure to let you know, when we know!

I just looked it up and it said that we did pass the previous record.  So Boone and I were a part of a world record for participating in the world's largest swimming lesson!!  That's awesome!!  The lesson took place from 8:00 to 8:30 and then we got to hang out in the park for the rest of the day.  

The babies loved the 'baby area' - no surprise there.  We spent most of our time there.  We did go down a couple kiddie slides and hung out in the wave pool too.  Boonie had a blast and LOVES swimming now.  

Here they are at the kiddie pool:

For every one ride down the slide Darci made Boone probably lapped her 3 times.  He doesn't have proper slide etiquette yet.

Sliding is very serious business.

These are the larger kiddie slides.  Boone went down them 3 times.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Boonie is 20 (almost 21) months old now and just hilarious.  This kid has so much energy.  It's so fun having a kid because that means you get to be a kid yourself.  Here are some things Boone is up to at 20 months:

  • He's started talking and I just love the words he says.  He says something new every day and we love the way it sounds.  Today he said bed as we were putting together his big boy bed.  He's not in it yet, but we got the mattress today.  Some of my favorite things he says is: mess (he says this if you drop something and make a mess, or if the living room isn't cleaned up, or if he makes a mess, it's funny), daddy (as opposed to dada), ankchoo (thank you - he says this more and more and it makes me so happy he's so polite), amen, nana (banana), juice, blue bear, bye bye? (asking if we can go somewhere), treat? (for after he goes potty), helP, stuck, ease (please), no nap (this said with a head shake), yes (this pronounced as @**), Daisy (our friends ferret), BUS!! and Jesus.  That last one still melts my heart.  He says Jesus at the most random times.  Two days ago he saw Jesus at the swimming pool.  And just yesterday he saw Jesus in our back seat.  It makes me wonder what makes him think of him?  He recognizes him in pictures... but why the backseat?
  • He loves to WRESTLE!!  He and his daddy do this quite often.  Boonie is loving having Mason home this summer.  They are getting quality bonding time in.
  • He loves to go places.
  • His favorite show is Curious George and he asks to watch it by making a monkey sound.
  • He still loves to snuggle with me when he is drinking him milk.
  • Whenever he wakes up from a nap or in the morning I ask him the same questions and he always answers the same:  Did you have a good night?  A**  Did you have good dreams?  A**  Did you dream about blue bear?  A**  I love being his mommy.
  • He gets wild EASILY and waits for any chance to squeal or run around as fast as he can.  
  • He still gives kisses randomly and will run over and hug me randomly too.
  • We had a dance party the other night and he LOVED dancing.  Every time I'd sit down because I'm so large and get tired he'd come over to me and say, UP!  UP!!  until I started dancing again.
  • He knows there is a baby in my stomach and points to it and says, "Baby" in a high pitched voice.  Today he gave the baby a kiss.
  • He loves to swim and is so brave in the water.
  • He's gotten SO BIG.  I can't believe how tall he is.  He is a full out little boy now and I love it and hate it all at the same time.
  • Thankfully those golden curls are still in full force.
  • He's going to be a fabulous big brother!!

Boone and Darci at Peter Piper Pizza a couple weeks ago.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lake Powell Day 3

Tuesday morning apparently everyone was feeling really grumpy.  Perhaps it was the lack of sleep... I know that's what it was for me - you'll see why.  Thankfully there is no picture of my grumpy face.

Everyone that is... except Darci.
Ryan and Kyle got a hold of the camera and gave a picture tour of the boat.  Here is the main room/kitchen/Eric's room.
Boone and my room.  Yes... that is how I slept - not that quite wrapped around the pack and play, but pretty close.  Mason slept on the roof.  I think he had the better half of the deal.  Surprisingly Boone slept through the night both nights.  I was shocked!!
My mom and dad's room.
Going down to the other rooms.
Ryan and Stacey's and I'm not sure where Kyle and Stacey's picture went - but it was the same as Ryan's only they had a pack and play on the floor.

The reason it looks like I'm giving birth is because I basically was.  It was FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!

And that's it!!  It was a great trip!!