Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tomorrow is the last day of school!!

Mason's completed another year!  And what a year it's been!!  This poor guy has been put through the ringer!!  This year he taught recovery reading and math which means he had to clean up everyone's mess and desperately try to get the kids on grade level.  He has vowed to never do that again... It was WAY too much work and the kids ended up resenting him because his class was the drill it in class.  But he survived (well technically he has one more day) and he only had two death threats and was cussed out twice this week.  These kids are ruthless!!  But I know he's being blessed for working in this inner city school.  He said that today at promotion more than one student mentioned him as their most influential teacher.  That says a lot!!

He had a great team this year!  It's too bad that most of them are moving on to other schools because this one is just SO ROUGH.  I don't blame them.  There's Kevin Johnson, Heidi Schroder, Erin Heath, Shaun Cooper, Jeanne Simons, and Mason.  Only two of six are actually staying at that school next year.  And HOPEFULLY Mason gets a job elsewhere next year.  He's applying all over. 
I think this picture is of Mason looking around to see if the kid that threatened to "Blast him with his 9mm at promotion" was after him.  Needless to say that young chap got expelled the last week of school.  Way to go out buddy.  The sad thing is, is that I wouldn't put it past these kids.  Some of them are already in gangs or have older siblings in gangs so it's all they know.  I honestly wouldn't put it past them to do something that stupid and ruin their lives (and not to mention mine) forever.
Great job you guys!!  The principal Nancy Uxa said that this is the best middle school team they've ever had at Gateway.

I've decided I'm thankful for people with smart phones that take pictures and post them on Facebook.  That's where all these pictures in this post came from.  Without them, I wouldn't have any pictures of Mason at school.  The 8th graders went to the roller skating rink for their end of the year field trip this year.  Boonie and I stopped by to say hi being it was just down the road from us.  
Boonie LOVED roller skating!!  He had this big goofy grin on the whole time.  Whenever Mason would stop he asked to keep going but of course he couldn't even stand up in those silly skates that were 2 sizes too big.  :)


xantogal said...

YYYAAAYYY!!!!! (I'm glad Mason didn't get shot!)

Denise said...

I'm sure he is making a difference in those kids lives!! Just like you made a difference in ours :)
I have to say I just love looking at all your cute pics and Boone is so darling and it warms my heart when I recognize some of the clothes he wears ;) Let us know if you're visiting Utah this summer we would love to see you!!!