Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slippery Fish

Boonie and took a swim class through the city.  It's not really a 'class' in the sense that they actually learn anything.  But it was fun to get in the water to cool off and splash around.  My little monkey is so fearless in the water.  He loved it!!  The instructors had toys for the kids to play with and one of the toys was a plastic golf ball.  If Boonie saw the ball and didn't get to play with it, it was all over.  I tried to make sure that we got that ball before the class started each time, but sometimes we didn't and he was crazy to get it away from the other kids.  Boone and his love of any type of ball!!

I'm a bit sad that we had to miss 3 of the 8 classes because he got sick... but he really enjoyed the ones he did get to go to.  This was just preparing him for swimming at Grandma's this summer.

One of Boone's little friends from nursery, Tenley, was in the class too.  They are cute friends and I love the way she says his name.
We babysat Tenley one night and before Boone went to bed they were giving hugs which were sweet.
And then kisses - YIKES!!  Holly don't kill me.  It was cute.  He looks like such a nerd in his girly yellow jammies.  It's too bad that Tenley is moving to Ohio this weekend.  I've loved watching these two grow up together!!


Kara Miller said...

This post makes me want to live by you SO MUCH!!!!! Our kids would have the best time together. And so would we :)

Holly and Daric said...

So cute! Love this! Makes me so sad though to be leaving :(