Wednesday, May 16, 2012

23 Weeks Tomorrow!

This picture was taken last week when I was technically 21 weeks.  I'm officially showing now, but I'm not to the gigantic stage where people stare as I walk by afraid that I may go into labor any moment.  This is the 'pretty' stage of pregnancy where the belly still looks cute.  Although I do have to admit that I felt it looked a lot cuter last time - but I think that just has to do with losing the baby weight only to get pregnant again.  That first time I hadn't just spent 9 months trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I had a friend tell me the other day that she was just going to eat and not exercise for the next 5 years until she's done having kids because honestly, what's the point??  I feel her pain.

Pregnancy Stats
  • Total weight gained: I’m up 13 lbs.  This is about 5 pounds less than what I was with Boone.  I've decided that the difference between then and now is the fact that I'm not a teacher and eating that horrible (only horrible in the sense of how fatty it was) cafeteria food everyday.  Now that I have Boonie I actually have well balanced meals that contain fruits and veggies!  He's a great motivation to be healthy!
  • Cravings: It differs everyday - and it depends on what commercial I just saw.  Last night I was craving Doritos.  Actually... those still sound pretty good today too.  I've also been craving Pringles ever since Boonie and I went on a picnic with a friend the other day and she gave us some.  I haven't had those since high school and forgot how yummy they were!!
  • Aversions: Taco Salads.  But there is a legit reason for this one.  The last time we had taco salads we used the lettuce that has been growing in our garden.  I was so proud of that lettuce.  While we were sitting there eating Mason kept chewing on something between his teeth.  He said that he was trying to pop a tomato seed between his front teeth, but it just wouldn't burst.  Well he pulls that tomato seed out and it was a little green worm.  Oh. So. Gross.  The thought of taco salads makes me want to vomit right this second.  But it is hilarious to think about how he was dancing that little guy around between his teeth for so long!!  AHAH!
  • Weird Pregnancy Symptoms: Braxton Hicks Contractions.  These started a couple weeks ago.  I don't remember having them this early.  Also, my belly button is so weird looking.  Boonie use to love my belly button, but now I think he thinks I'm just a weird-o.  Plus it HURTS if you touch it!!  Oh yes... and the hormones... I swear I wasn't this crazy with Boone.  It must be all these girlie hormones - but yikes!!!!!!  Want to see something entertaining?  Ask me to start crying - I can do it on cue.
  • Goal for next week: Be positive and have faith.  With Mason trying to land another job and us not knowing what's going on next year, it's been really stressful for me.  I know Heavenly Father will bless us and take care of us - I just need to let him do it on his time table and stop expecting it to be mine.  I also am going to try and keep my nesting instincts under control.  So far I've painted these two dressers, made a little dress and a skirt, made hair bows and bought too many cute things on ebay.  But I suppose that's better than expecting each room of the house be painted a new color in the NEXT. TEN. MINUTES. like I was trying to do at the beginning of the pregnancy.
Here are some of my 'nesting' projects as Mason calls them.  I made all these bows yesterday afternoon and had so much fun making them.  I am in love with the little hair bows.  I told Mason I'm making one for each and every outfit she owns - I wasn't kidding.

Here is Boone modeling how adorable they will look in a little girl's hair.  This poor guy is SICK.  His fever last night got up to 104.4!!  It was so scary.  Luckily the fever broke and he has hand, foot, mouth which we think he got from either Darci (that's okay Darci, we still love you) or I heard someone saying it was going around the nursery.  Luckily I had a heads up as to what it was or we would have headed to the ER.  As it was we were in the car last night at 10 when his fever was that high but decided not to go.  Which was wise on our part.
I redid these dressers about a month ago.  It was the first time I've ever redone anything before and I enjoyed it!  I sanded them down and painted two coats of paint.  I just love them!  The tall dresser was my little brother Eric's when he was growing up and the shorter one was mine growing up.



And.... I'm trying my hand at sewing!!  I made this ADORABLE little reverseable dress and skirt made out of an old T-shirt.  That dress is just so cute!!   I can't wait to see it on!

 17 more weeks to go!!!


Nicole said...

Those dressers look amazing! Well done.

Lissa said...

You're welcome for your Pringles craving! lol And the bows and dress turned out sooooo cute! Good job, Allison! =)